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Compiled by Marsha Jones

I've received a number of letters and e-mails asking for a list such as this to be included in the books. This is not, unfortunately, possible. However, Marsha and DAW have said I can make this list (compiled for me as a reference source for the series) available here. For those who don't know, Marsha is involved in the editing process of my novels at every stage.

So for those of you who want to know exactly what a crolla is, or where demon fish live, or which major character met who where, here it is. I have edited it in an effort to not cause Spoilers to those who haven't read the whole series. Of course, the fifth novel, DARK NADIR, is not yet referenced here.

Abbreviations Used
B Cabbaran      C Chemerian      EH Earth Human
J Jalnian      KH Keissian Human      L Leska
M Sumaan      ML mixed Leska      PV Prime
S Sholan      S/H offspring of mixed Leskas and/or those genetically compatible with them      T Touiban
TL TeLaxaud      U U'Churian      V Valtegan
anc ancient times      f female      m male
t telepath      tri third member of Triad     

Format of Lists
Name / (Abbreviations) / Book No-Page No / Description

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