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Below is the illustration for my novellette Innamorata.  The artist is the incredibly talented Jon Foster.

displayed with permission of the artist

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Thanks to SFF NET for providing the space for these pages and the technical assistance to make it easy. This is a very cool organization.

Thanks to eXTReMe Tracking for the cool page tracker.

 Also, as an experiment, I'm trying out being an  associate, which means that if you buy a book from via one of the links on the resources page I get $5. Seems cool in a corporate shill kind of way -- we'll see if the success goes to my head :P (update:  after 4 years I have almost $25 accumulated!!!  Soon, soon a cheque will come my way.  Thank you all. <g>)

All the artwork was made using Corel Photo Paint and L-View Pro

 The original photo of me was taken by Lance W. Munro

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