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February, 2010



Original Adult Short Fiction

The Tongues of Angels (Hub Magazine; December 2009 issue 107;

Fletcher's Ghost (Ages of Wonder; DAW books; March 2009)

All of Me (Aeon Magazine,; August 2006; "year's best" honourable mention, Gardner Dozois)

After Camlann (Time After Time; DAW books; 2005)

By The Cold of the Moon (Extreme Fantasy 2; Lone Wolf Publications; 2001; book won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in an anthology)

Better Forget (Cemetery Sonata; Chameleon Press; 1999)

Provenance  (Royal Whodunnits; Robinson; 1999)

Miri's Story (Rath and Storm; Wizards of the Coast; 1998)

Burning Bright (Decalog 4: Regenerations; Dr Who Books; 1997; "year's best" honourable mention, Gardner Dozois)

The Knight of Good Heart (Tales of the Round Table; Past Times; 1997)

This Is the Universe (The Ultimate Alien; Dell/DTP; 1995; reprinted by Byron Preiss, 2003; reprinted in Futura magazine (Croatia); 2005)

And She Laughed (London Noir; Serpent's Tail, 1994; short-listed for Crime Writers Association of Great Britain Short Story Dagger, 1994; reprinted in Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, Carroll and Graf, 1995; adapted for tv show The Hunger; 1999)

Cover Story (Weerde, Volume 2: The Book of the Ancients; Roc UK; 1993; "year's best" honorable mention, Datlow/Winding)

The Only Good Orc (Dragon Magazine; August 1993)

El Lobo Dorado Is Dead, Is Dead  (Temps, Volume 2: Eurotemps; Roc UK; 1992; nominated for Eastercon Award for most enjoyable short prose)

Blind Fate (Weerde, Volume 1; Roc UK; 1992; "year's best" honorable mention, Datlow/Winding)

Third Person Singular (Temps, Volume 1; Roc UK; 1991; "year's best" honorable mention, Datlow/Winding)



Elemental Fources (animated short film; New Baby Productions; forthcoming.)


TV Novelisations

Cracker (Virgin Publishing)

Soldier Soldier (Boxtree Books)

Thief Takers (Carlton Books)

Bramwell (Carlton Books)

Bugs: Hot Metal (Virgin Publishing)

Staying Alive (Andre Deutsch)

Reckless (Andre Deutsch) 


Children's Fiction - Books

First Readers: Cinderella; Igloo; (forthcoming)

First Readers: Snow White; Igloo; (forthcoming)

First Readers: Rapunzel; Igloo; (forthcoming)

First Readers: Sleeping Beauty; Igloo; (forthcoming)

First Readers: Beauty and the Beast; Igloo; (forthcoming)

First Readers: Hansel and Gretel; Igloo; (forthcoming)

Sticker Books: Cinderella; Igloo; (forthcoming)

Sticker Books: Beauty and the Beast; Igloo; (forthcoming)

Sticker Books: Snow White; Igloo; (forthcoming)

Sticker Books: Sleeping Beauty; Igloo; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Happy Birthday; Parragon; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Bear's Adventures; Parragon; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Help is Coming; Parragon; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Magical Mermaids; Parragon; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Superkids; Parragon; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Dinosaurs Rule; Parragon; (forthcoming)

Reading Heroes: Fairy Stories; Parragon; (2009)

Reading Heroes: Farmyard Stories; Parragon; (forthcoming 2009)

Reading Heroes: Pet Stories; Parragon; (forthcoming 2009)

Reading Heroes: Magical Stories; Parragon; (forthcoming 2009)

Reading Heroes: Travel Stories; Parragon; (forthcoming 2009)

Reading Heroes: Fantasy Stories; Parragon; (forthcoming 2009)


Children's / Parents' Nonfiction

London For Kids; Marquee Publishing, Toronto; (forthcoming)

Educating and Entertaining Your Children Online - in-house writer/editor; Prentice Hall; (2001)


Educational and Children's Computer Games

Let's Make a Story - CD ROM literacy/story telling project (Yrs 5 & 6) Sherston Software; (2005)

Monster Tests - Literacy Y5 - Letts Educational (2003)

Monster Tests - Literacy Y6 - Letts Educational (2003)

Space Station Alert: user manual/quick reference - copy edit/rewrite; (2003)

Knots in the Woods - copy edit/rewrite of 5 books to be used in primary schools for PHSE; (2003)

Writing for Children Course (part) - Summertime Publishing; (2003)

Keystage 1 Literacy Programme - Sally Moon Publishing Services for Sylvan Education; (2002)

Common Entrance Exam Preparation Course (11+ and 13+) - Sally Moon Publishing Services for Sylvan Education; (2002)

Parents Online (; main content provider; (Skillsware; 1999 - 2000)

Moisturiser Game; game design, storyboards, text; (Skillsware; 1999)

James Pond/Running Water (game); (user/teacher guide); (Skillsware; 1995)

Frank and the Kilowatts/ Creature Comforts (game); dialoguing; (Skillsware; 1995)


Web Material, Technical Writing, Multimedia - London city editor (current)

Free Office Finder (estate agent) - Search Engine Optimisation and copy edit/rewrite of listings (2008)

House style guide - detailed guide to acceptable usage for web writers (terminology, grammar, punctuation etc); (; 2000)

Studying in the UK - guide for international students; (; 2000)

Data Management Tool: user manual and quickstart guide; (StudyChoice; 2000)

Aphrodite's Love Palace Valentine's Day Site; (Purple Interactive; 1998 - archive can be viewed at

Connect (corporate newsletter); news and features; (Smithkline Beecham; 1997/1998)

Various Tipsheets (on-line help); (Smithkline Beecham; 1997/1998)

Genelims Project (user guide); (Smithkline Beecham; 1997/1998)

Dreadnaught (game); sample storyboarding, dialoguing; (Particle Software; 1995)

End-User's Toolbox; (user guide); (Xebec Multimedia Solutions; 1994)

Coaching (corporate multimedia training package); student's book; (Xebec Multimedia Solutions 1994)

Appraisal (Corporate multimedia training package); storyboarding, interactivity, dialoguing; (Xebec Multimedia Solutions; 1994)


General Articles

Tam Lin, Fairy Rings, Morgan Le Fay, Glastonbury (Fairies partwork; Eaglemoss Publishing; 2005)

Various topics - Star Wars Fact Files (2002)

Editorials - Odyssey 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (1997 -1999)

Independent's Day - Ripping Tales Profile: (Odyssey 2; 1998)

The Art of Creative Dice Rolling  - Introduction to Role Playing; (Games & Puzzles; April 1994)

Worlds of Wonder - Markets for sf and fantasy (Writers' Monthly; August 1993)

Fantasy Formula - A Guide to Types of Fantasy (Writers' Monthly; March 1992)

Stranger Than Fiction - Funny Feelings, Strange Coincidences (Essentials Magazine; March 1992)

Strip For Cash - Fundraiser for the London Cartoon Centre (Time Out; 1992)

Taking Back Plenty of Awards - Clarke Award Report (Starburst Yearbook; 1991/92)

Anthologies By Any Other Name - Midnight Rose Launch; (Fear!; 1991)

Technovisions - The Future of  Fantasy (Marxism Today; April 1991)

Roll On! - More on Role Playing; (Skeleton Crew; Feb 1991)

Lingua Franca - Fans Get Spaced Out (Guardian Weekend; 1990)

Dicing with Death - Introduction to Role Playing; (Skeleton Crew; November 1990)

War of the Words - Women in Science Fiction (Guardian; September 1990)



Kim Newman (Dream Watch; July 2000)

Stephen Baxter (Science Fiction World; July 2000)

Mary Gentle (Science Fiction World; June 2000)

Vonda McIntyre (Dream Watch; March 2000)

Guy Gavriel Kay: Sailing To Byzantium (Interzone; April 2000)

John Jarrold: A Few Good Books (Odyssey 1998; with Janet Barron)

Walter Jon Williams: The Tech of Magic (Odyssey September 1997)

Mary Gentle:  Of Rats, Gargoyles... And Orcs (Valkyrie; November 1994)

George R.R. Martin: On the Sharing of Worlds (Interzone; April 1993)

Phillip Mann: A Master of the Alien  (Interzone; February 1993)

Carol Emshwiller (Science Fiction Chronicle; January 1993)

Arthur C. Clarke and Neil McAleer: Last of the Old Guard? (Interzone December 1992)

Walter Jon Williams (Science Fiction Chronicle; August 1992)

Paul J. McAuley (Science Fiction Chronicle; June 1992)

Larry Niven and Steven Barnes (Science Fiction Chronicle; March 1992)

Mary Gentle (Fear!; October 1991)

Paul J. McAuley (Fear! September 1991)

Marion Zimmer Bradley: Women of Legends (Fear!; September 1991)

Mary Scott  (Fear!; Aug 1991)

Tom Holt  (Fear! Aug 1991)

Guy Gavriel Kay: Lord of Tigana (Fear!; July 1991; reprinted in Science Fiction Chronicle December 1991)

Anne McCaffrey: Reptile Romance  (Fear!; June 1991)

Mary Gentle: City of Rats (Fear!; March 1991; reprinted in Science Fiction Chronicle, June 1991)

Robert Charles Wilson  (Fear!; June 1991)

Ellen Kushner  (Fear!; May 1991)

Joan Slonczewski  (Fear!; May 1991)

Ursula K. Le Guin: Animating the Animus (Fear!; April 1991)

Karen Joy Fowler (Fear!; March 1991)

Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis  (Fear!; March 1991)

Candas Jane Dorsey  (Fear!; January 1991 )

Jane Palmer (Fear!; January 1991)

Dan McGirt (Fear!; November 1990)

Pat Murphy (Fear!; October 1990)

Daniel Weiss  (Fear!; September 1990)

Diane Duane (Fear!; September 1990)

Colin Greenland (Fear! August 1990)

Larry Niven and Steven Barnes: Indistinguishable from Magic (Fear!; June 1990; with Roger Kean)


Book Reviews

Sci Fi Now

Science Fiction World  - issues 1, 2, 3, 4

Last Province Magazine: 451 Degrees - issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Valkyrie Magazine: Role Players' Library/ Words of Power - issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15

REM Magazine (issue 2) Brain Candy, Hard Thinking and a Blatant Plug (or Three)

REM Magazine (issue 1) Of Games and Gods and Gilgamesh, Of Pyramids and Pulps 


Role Playing Games

Narcissist: Crash Free - background information (Forthcoming; Aetherco/Dreamcatcher)

Further Information - source book for Continuum; background information (2002; Aetherco/Dreamcatcher)

Continuum: Role Playing in the Yet - some characters and background (1999; Aetherco/Dreamcatcher)

Scorched Earth - Star Wars Scenario (Valkyrie 18; 1998)

Dragons of Jephnar - Star Wars Scenario (Euro Gencon Tournament Module 1995)

Missing In Action - Star Wars Scenario (Euro Gencon Tournament Module 1994)

Also assorted game reviews in Valkyrie and Last Province 



Editor - 3SF issues 0 - 3

Editor - Odyssey: The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy issues 0 - 7

Fiction Editor - Valkyrie Magazine issues 1 - 13

Focus: The Magazine for Science Fiction Writers (British Science Fiction Association; 1987 - 1989)

DragonAid Progress Reports and Souvenir Book (1986) 


Copy Editing/Proofreading

Vermintide (Black Library/Games Workshop)

Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet; Third Edition; (forthcoming; Aetherco/Dreamcatcher)

The Official Guide to Babylon 5 volume 2 (Boxtree Publishing)

The Official Guide to Babylon 5 volume 3 (Boxtree Publishing)

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Quiz Book (Boxtree Publishing)