Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

book coverTrade Paperback
Written by Lucy A. Snyder
Illustrations by DE Christman and Malcolm McClinton
CGP · 110 pages
ISBN-10: 1-894953-47-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-894953-47-4
Publication date: October 15, 2007

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This book contains a dozen tales to amuse any fan of technology humor or science fictional dark comedy. Many of the stories are what Green Man Review has dubbed "cyberzombie humor"; the title story is one of the most popular features ever to appear at the acclaimed science fiction magazine Strange Horizons.

The satiric stories are accompanied by 14 black-and-white illustrations from artists Malcolm McClinton and DE Christman. You can see DE's work for the book at his gallery.

Teen Linux gang mayhem. Trolls gone wild. A vampire's guide to management. Your corporate network and the forces of darkness. And much more ....

"With smart, well-crafted writing, and humor to tickle readers of varying tastes and genre preference, Lucy A. Snyder could be one of the funniest new writers on the planet."

"Snyder succeeds in making zombies (both human and animal) wickedly funny -- no matter how jaded you are by cries of 'Braaaaaaaaaaaains!!!' Either this book will make you laugh out loud at least once, or you should consider having yourself checked for signs of death." (read more)
Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine

"It was apparent from the first time I read these stories that Snyder had a gift for using horror to write satire. (She) creates some of the funniest zombies ever."
Green Man Review

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"Do read (this book). When you do, don't have anything in your mouth that a surprised snort could catapult up into your sinuses. You have been warned."
— Nalo Hopkinson, author of The New Moon's Arms

"If, like me, you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the Information Technology departments of large corporations, this book will either open your eyes to new possibilities, or just confirm what you've suspected all along." (read more)
Dread Central

"Verdict: Thumbs up. If you like your fiction with healthy doses of humor, horror, and computer in-jokes, this is definitely something you're going to enjoy."
Lubbock Online

"Very funny and well-written, and a nice satirical comment on the lengths corporations will go to in order to stay ahead."
— Jason Lundberg, author of The Time Traveler's Son, on "Your Corporate Network and the Forces of Darkness"

"Both funny and creepy at the same time ... there's something to be said about (a story) arguing the pros and cons between raising the dead and calling up the Old Ones."
The Grin Without A Cat on "Your Corporate Network and the Forces of Darkness"

Tangent Online has reviewed several of the stories in this collection:

"'The Great Vüdü Linux Teen Zombie Massacree' by Lucy Snyder is a hilarious romp through the state of Texas in a world gone mad ... one laugh effortlessly follows the other." (read more)

"Snyder, like her Linux gangs, has taken a dead body (in this case, cyberpunk) and fused it with the latest elements of science fiction to tell a story which is funny, dark, and cheerfully absurd." (read more)

"'Graveyard Shift' is Lucy A. Snyder's whip-smart and darkly funny take on the latest hot employee group, the dead ... Laced with jet-black humor, this is a great story and a great world to read about, if not live in." (read more)

Table of Contents

"Installing Linux on a Dead Badger" - revised and expanded!
"Authorities Concerned Over Rise of Teen Linux Gangs"
"Your Corporate Network And The Forces Of Darkness"
"Faery Cats: The Cutest Killers"
"Graveyard Shift":

  1. "Dead Men Don't Need Coffee Breaks"
  2. "Business Insourcing Offers Life After Death"
  3. "Corporate Vampires Sink Teeth Into Business World"
  4. "Unemployed Playing Dead To Find Work"

"Trolls Gone Wild" new!
"The Great Vüdü Linux Teen Zombie Massacree"
"Wake Up Naked Monkey You're Going To Die"
"In The Shadow of the Fryolator"