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Friday, June 27, 2008

Book Trailer for Coffin County
Here's the book trailer for Gary Braunbeck's new novel Coffin County. The book is a continuation of the Cedar Hill Cycle that was begun with In Silent Graves, Keepers, Mr. Hands, and the stories that have appeared in his story collections Graveyard People and Home Before Dark.

Recent reviews for the novel have been pretty good:

"(Braunbeck) tackles difficult plotting, and writes beautiful, poetic passages. He is also adept at characterization; creating a comprehension of those who may not possess redeeming qualities, and reaffirming, through deft description, the likeability of others. Coffin County has many likeable characters, and many of them die. This is brave of Braunbeck; in the novel, nothing is predictable, anything is possible: Rather like chaos theory."

"...Gary A. Braunbeck has stepped quite comfortably into the very large shadows left behind by Richard Matheson and Stephen King... COFFIN COUNTY is an intelligent, cogent, powerfully written novel of supernatural horror supported by a solid and thrilling police procedural foundation. I know you will enjoy this truly horrific slice of the dark stuff from a writer whose talents have wowed me for years."
-- The Tomb of Dark Delights

"Braunbeck delivers an intensely creepy and truly original tale that's guaranteed to give you chills late at night."
-- Bookbitch.com

"Speaking of characters, more articulate reviewers than this one have noted that Braunbeck creates the most human cast in dark fantasy. These are people you might run into at the corner store or at a neighborhood cookout. Even the unsavory people are drawn with a depth that is so defined it qualifies as High Definition Horror. Pick up Coffin County and lose yourself in Cedar Hill, a town so creepy it makes King's Castle Rock look like Disney World."
-- Horrorworld

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