Chimeric Machines Book Information

book coverTrade Paperback & Limited-Edition Hardcover
CGP · 92 Pages
ISBN-10: 189495355X
ISBN-13: 978-1-894953-55-9
Cover art by Ursula Vernon
Introduction by Tom Piccirilli
March 2009 · $10.95

★ Winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Poetry

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This collection offers three dozen poems to delight readers who enjoy sly wordplay and subtle allusion, high intelligence and fierce heart.

"(This) may be the best collection of poetry I've read in years ... There is not one poem in Chimeric Machines that doesn't fit in place like a delicately carved piece of a complex and consuming puzzle. ... There is no other writer working today quite like Lucy A. Snyder." (read more)

"Chimeric Machines gets better with every reading. The first pass hits hard ... Subsequent readings are filled with the joy of discovering the subtlety of her writing style -- rhythm and meter, the nuances of Snyder's word choices, and the way she imprints images in her readers' minds." (read more)
Dark Scribe Magazine

"What Snyder accomplishes in less than eighty pages is an emotional scoring that few can approach. ... This is (real life), given breath and teeth, stood out in front of the world in all its beautiful grime. Her work is emotional, powerful, and will shake a person's foundations ... I applaud this collection." (read more)
— Scott A. Johnson, author of City of Demons

"Snyder is a massively talented writer -- the sort who knows how to make you take a gulp when you hit the ending of a story or poem -- and this poetry collection made me gulp with awe on virtually every page. ... With an introduction by Tom Piccirilli and collaborative contributions from Gary Braunbeck, many horror readers would enjoy the experience of this collection. This is not horror poetry, always, but it is something bigger, something simpler: just great poetry. Snyder's Chimeric Machines deserves to win a literary award." (read more)
— Michael A. Arnzen, author of Proverbs for Monsters

"Her poetry is powerful, honest, playful ... this is not the first time she has walked dangerous, uncertain roads with her work and I hope it will not be the last." (read more)
Horror News

"Snyder's work is complex yet grounded. You can read it on several levels and it'll work on each and every one. It's lyrical but rooted in authenticity and validity. There's truth here, and tackling the truth is the highest calling of any poet. ... She's been through the trenches; she knows the way the world comes down. You can feel it in the work. You're not just looking at words in a book, you're regarding a life that's been opened up and splashed down on the page. This lady is not only courageous, she's fearless. We need more like her to give us that grand plucking of the guts."
— Tom Piccirilli, author of The Midnight Road and Waiting My Turn to Go Under the Knife, from his introduction

"There is nothing illusory or mechanical about these poems. They take us on a marvelously eclectic journey, with a cast that includes a black hole voicing its thoughts and a dead man coming 'Home For the Holidays.' Read and be dazzled."
— Christopher Conlon, author of Mary Falls: Requiem for Mrs. Surratt and Midnight on Mourn Street

Table of Contents

Introduction by Tom Piccirilli

Part I: Technica

"And There in the Machine, Virginia Finally Stood Up"
"Tech Support"
"The Fish and the Bicycle"

Part II: Quiet Places

"After the Funeral"
"Mute Birth"
"Home For The Holidays"
"Worm and Memory"

Part III: Dark Dreams

"Babel's Children "
"Beggars' Night" (written with Gary A. Braunbeck)
"The Monster Between The Sparks"

Part IV: Crete, Kentucky

"Passie Fay's Lament"
"Terror White"
"Cissy Cocalus"
"Ari, Pushing Forty"

Part V: Daughters of Typhon

"Internal Combustion"
"At The Rec Center"
"Infinite Loop: Girl With Black Eye"

Part VI: Strange Corners

"Uncanny Valley Girl"
"Dime Novel"
"Squidliquor "
"Sofa Nervosa"

Part VII: Unshelled Evolution

"Book Smarts"
"Searching For Signs of Life In the Bottom of a Cup of Cold Coffee"
"A Boy's Guide to Neoteny"
"Permian Basin Blues"
"Photograph of a Lady, Circa 1890"