How to Contact Me

If you want to send me a message, please email me at lusnyde(at) or, if that address should bounce, lucy.snyder(at) Replace the (at) with @ before sending, or else it won't work.

I try to reply to email within a week or so. Sometimes the mail servers lose messages en route without anyone getting a bounce, so if you've sent me something and don't get a reply, feel free to email me again.

I don't have direct links to my email address because I'd get ridiculous amounts of spam otherwise. If you prefer, you can leave me a message on my LiveJournal or through Facebook.

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How to Contact My Agent

I'm represented by Robert L. Fleck of the Professional Media Services literary agency. (Are you looking for an agent? Curious about how I got mine? Then please read "How I Got My Agent".)

Please email him if you want to adapt any of my work for film or if you're interested in obtaining rights to publish any of my collections or longer works.

If you're interested in reprinting or podcasting individual short stories, poems or articles, please contact me directly.