Shotgun Sorceress

book coverShotgun Sorceress by Lucy A. Snyder
Paperback & eBook · 336 pages
Published by Del Rey
ISBN-10: 0-345-51210-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-345-51210-9
On Sale: October 26, 2010 · $7.99
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Also available in French as Le Baiser de la Sorcière.

Shotgun Sorceress is an urban fantasy set in Columbus, Ohio and in Cuchillo, Texas. It's a direct sequel to Spellbent and features the continued adventures of Jessie, her familiar Pal, Cooper Marron, and The Warlock.

Outlaw sorceress Jessie Shimmer and her friends are trapped in an isolated West Texas town that is being decimated by a soul harvester named Miko. As they battle Miko and her minions, Jessie discovers a darkness within herself that she must overcome to save the town, her friends, and her own soul.

"(A) hard-hitting and rather offbeat urban fantasy series. ... It's a wild ride ... lots of fun."
Locus Magazine

"With a suspenseful trip through a dark faery region, several uber-dark visits to Jessie's internal 'hellement,' and all kinds of monsters and demons causing all kinds of chaos, Snyder is quickly building a series that--if it keeps up this pace--will surely become a favorite of cross-genre fans."
Horror Fiction Review

"Jessie Shimmer has rescued her boyfriend from hell, but her day ain't over yet.  On the run from a bigger, badder supernatural force than she can handle, she ends up in a little niche of hell, a small town in Texas taken over by a demon. In the end, Jessie has a showdown straight out of a spaghetti western. AWESOME." (read more)
Night Gallery: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review

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"Shotgun Sorceress is a marvelous sequel, continuing the breakneck pace begun in Spellbent ... this series isn't your average urban fantasy." (read more)
The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review

"Snyder excels at placing the reader directly in the action of her surreal world, and keeps them firmly ensconced there despite a fast and furious pace ... Eccentric secondary players also contribute to the enjoyable wild ride." (read more)
Bitten By Books

"From start to finish this is a wild ride that you'll find impossible to set aside so, once you begin reading, don't make any plans for the weekend!" (read more)
Night Owl Reviews