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Newsiest Happenings

The current excitement is the double appearance of story collections from Fairwood Press and RedJack Books. Pre-launch parties for the RedJack book, Edge of Our Lives, took place at Diversicon and Denvention in August of 2008. A combined launch for RedJack titles and Fairwood collectionAcross the Sky took place November 30 at World Fantasy Convention in Calgary -- an evening of excellent wine and even better conversations. Brilliant company! But you must have been there, too. See Fiction-Poetry.

...A new novelet coming up in Analog!

A new novelet coming up in Analog! Too long, too long since appearing in those treasured offwhite soft-pulp pages. "Foe" is the name of the story and it's slated for the April 2009 issue. For other recent and upcoming stories, See Fiction-Poetry.

A color cover! An oil! You may see it with a flash to a Westcoastian website. Perhaps even here. See Art.

The Modern Century unveiled in all its science-fictional glory .. or that, anyway, is the hope. Not one book but two in the work. Do you revere the works of C.M. Kornbluth? Maybe you will, if you don't already. See Non-fiction