Mark Rich

C.M. Kornbluth

In progress, a book on the life and works of Cyril Kornbluth, forMcFarland & Company. One tentative title under consideration is C.M. Kornbluth and the End of Modern Science Fiction which gives some idea of the conceptual framework for the narrative. Tentatively set for Fall of 2009 release.

Buck Rogers Stuff

Such was the proposed title of a book on Science Fiction, Toys, and Society (the more likely title), also for McFarland & Company. Tentatively set for Winter of 2009/2010 release.

Judith Merril

Although not under contract as of yet, a novella-length study for Aqueduct Press: That Only a Mother: The Science Fiction of Judith Merril.

Jules Verne

An introduction to A Journey to the Center of the Earth, in an edition from Engage Books for fall/winter 2008.

Edgar Poe

A selection of Poe's science fiction, or proto-science fiction, with an introduction and biographical note. Also from Engage Books, for 2009.


Contributions on books by Kurt Vonnegut and Gerald Stern are slated for the Magill's Literary Annual, Books of 2008 (Salem Press), for 2009. The edition released in 2008 includes M. Rich entries on works by Susan Howe and Robert Hass.
Updates of entries about several authors will appear in the Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Third Revised Edition (Salem Press) in 2009. One entirely new entry will also appear with the M. Rich byline, on Alasdair Gray.


1986 "Dual Peace in a Singular World." Third Prize, The Humanist Essay Contest.