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Science Fiction Bibliography


The Eyes of God (1998)

Palace (1996), with Katharine Kerr

Short Fiction

Teel Rules (1999) A Dangerous Magic

Mirror of Time (1998) Tad Williams' Mirror World

I Remember Angels (1996) Starlight 1

Looking into the Heart of Light, The Silence (1996) The Shimmering Door

The Gate of Gold (1996) Sandman: Book of Dreams

The Force That Through the Green Fuse (1995) Enchanted Forests

The Hammer of Witches (1995) 100 Wicked Little Witch Stories

And by a Word, Immortal (1995) 100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories

Ars Brevis (1995) Blood Muse

Queen Lyr (1994) Weird Tales from Shakespeare