I  love mystery and always have.  Whodunnits are a great puzzle and what’s more satisfying than seeing all the pieces when you finally reach that ‘aha’ moment when all is revealed.  When I realized that reviewers were using the word ‘mystery’ in nearly every review of my SF fiction, I decided I should just give the real thing a try.  About that time, my agent called to ask if I could give her a synopsis and chapters for anew mystery series with a landscape gardener as the main character. 

I could and did and thus was born Rachel O’Connor and my series set in the Columbia Gorge, in the Hood River area. 

While mystery for me has always been entertainment, rather than the food-for-thought that good SF can be, I love it.  While the Rachel O’Connor series didn’t survive my editor’s retirement, I still write the occasionally mystery story for Ellery Queen Magazine and other markets, and may yet again do a series. 

You can read one of my mystery stories, Find It, for a taste of what I do.