New Stuff in Print


federations cover

John Joseph Adams asked me to contribute to an anthology wtih a theme of interplanetary communication.   That was way back in summer, and I had about four other anthology requests. I didn't hear any more and essentially, I am embarassed to admit that about it. Oh, I had had an initial idea of human telepathy allowing for instantaneous communication, where people emulated a machine's precision in terms of passing information. Information is control when you're talking about the vast distances to be crossed. Who would control it?

But then I put it out of my mind and forgot about it.  So when John emailed me about two days before the deadline to remind me I put it mildly...highly embarassed.  And determined toget him a good story.  This was right after I brought home my new Australian Shepherd puppy.  If you read My She, you'll see the connection. 

And the story, for all the time pressure, turned out to be something much more than I anticipated, a story that deals with communication on several levels.  And even explores the boundary between human and nonhuman, one of my favorite topics.  So, thanks, John, for including me, and next time I won't wait until the last second!

It should be available this year from Prime Books, an imprint of Wildside Press. 

didier coverThis has been the year of the dragon invitations for some reason.  Surely it has to do with the conjunction of some stars, right?  But you know what?  I had a lot of fun taking a break from science and the necessary dimensions for an orbital platform to go play with dragons.  Let's see, I've created ice dragons, sea dragons, and human dragons so far.  The Dragon Book is a YA anthology edited by the ever-busy Gardner Dozois and will be out in November as a hardcover from Penguin Putnam.   I was invited into a very nicely illustrated anthology from a new, small publisher:  Rogue Blades Entertainment.  They're very professional, the wrap-around cover that illustrates my story, above, by Norman Didier is lovely, and I really enjoyed working with Jason Waltz, the editor.