Dirty Linen...
The House of Commons is no stranger to scandal or to farce but it usually manages to arrange its follies so as to keep the two separate. -- McTeazle

Dirty Linen and New-Found-Land were first performed as an Ambiance Lunch-Hour Theatre Club presentation at Inter-Action's Almost Free Theatre on April 6, 1976. The production was directed by Ed Berman and designed by Gabriella Falk.


Dirty Linen
MADDIE --Luan Peters
COCKLEBURY-SMYTHE, M.P. -- Edward de Souza
MCTEAZLE, M.P. -- Benjamin Whitrow
CHAMBERLAIN, M.P. -- Malcolm Ingram
WITHENSHAW, M.P. (the CHAIRMAN) -- Peter Bowles
MRS. EBURY, M.P. -- Christine Ozanne
FRENCH, M.P. -- Richard O'Callaghan

ARTHUR -- Stephen Moore
BERNARD -- Richard Goolden


"Must be the most delicious lunch-time entertainment in London. From a farrago of puns, spoonerisms, Latin tags, foreign phrases, high wit and low jokes, the author has fashioned a marvellous comedy." -- Jonh Lucas, The Observer

"Tom Stoppard's devilish new comedy casts a sardonic but winking eye at the sexual paccadilloes of a nation's leaders. The play is about the British Parliament, but it sounds as if Stoppard had been avidly digesting the American newspapers and rushed to his typewriter." -- Mel Gussow, The New York Times

"A relentless verbal high-wire act. Puns, paradoxes, misunderstandings, and double bluffs pour out like quicksilver. The cumulative effect is of language being sent on a roller-coaster ride." -- Michael Billington, The Guardian



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The Big Book of Scandal by Jonathan Vankin

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