The Real Insprector Hound

The man is wearing a darkish suit with a lightish shirt. He is of medium height and build and youngish. Anyone seeing a man answering to this description and acting suspiciously, is advised to phone the nearest police station. -- Radio

With apologies to McGruff.

The Real Inspector Hound was first performed on June 17, 1968 at the Criterion Theatre, London. The production was directed by Robert Chetwyn and designed by Hutchinson Scott.


MOON -- Richard Briers
BIRDBOOT -- Ronnie Barker
MRS. DRUDGE -- Josephine Tewson
SIMON -- Robin Ellis
FELICITY -- Patricia Shakesby
CYNTHIA -- Caroline Blakiston
MAGNUS -- Antony Webb


The Real Inspector Hound is a one-act farce that lampoons both theatre criticism and the English whodunnit. It also draws upon the play-with-a-play conventions familar to audiences of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.


"...a comedy satire of high and delightfull quality, and great fun. Even though you may admire murder mysteries or, what is more unlikely, drama critics, you can appreciate its wisdom and revel in the hilarity with which Mr. Stoppard takes them apart. The action is fast, continuous, and extremely funny." Richard Watts, New York Post


The Mysterious Affair at Styles -- Dame Agatha Christie's first mystery novel.
History of the Mystery -- A pleasant tour of the genre, from E.A. Poe to "Murder She Wrote."
Aisle Say -- The "magazine of professional theatre criticism on the Internet, exclusively for the Internet." The contributors display considerably more insight that Moon and Birdboot.

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