In an impressive display of gymnastics, ho ho, thank you, Professor McFee bends over backwards to demonstrate that moral judgements belong to the same class as aesthetic judgements; that the phrases 'good man' and 'good music' are prejudiced in exactly the same way; in short, that goodness, whether in men or in music, depends on your point of view. -- George

Jumpers opened at the National Theatre Company at the Old Vic Theatre, on February 2, 1972. The production was directed by Peter Wood and designed by Patrick Robinson.


GEORGE -- Michael Hordern
DOROTHY -- Diana Rigg
ARCHIE -- Granham Crowden
BONES -- David Ryall
CROUCH -- Paul Curran
SECRETARY -- Anna Carteret
JUMPERS, etc. -- Ray Callagnan, Tom Dickinson, Michael Edgar, Tom Georgeson, Lionel Guyett, William Hobbs, David Howey, Barry James, Brian Jameson, Desmond McNamara, Riggs O'Hara, Howard Southern, Harry Waters


"The protagonists include an aging Professor of Moral Philosophy -- trying to compose a lecture on 'Man: Good, Bad or Indifferent' -- while ignoring a corpse in the next room; his beautiful young wife, an ex-musical comedy Queen, lasciviously entertaining his university boss down the hall; her husband's specially trained hare, Thumpers; and a chorus of gymnasts, Jumpers." -- From the Grove Press edition


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