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This was my first homemade home page, established in 1999. You can now find me at DanMcGirt.com, JasonCosmo.com, or the social media links to the left. Because this page has existed for more than a decade, Google very likely brought you here if you searched for my name. I update it occasionally. (The site, not my name.) Here are a few recent items:

The Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series by Dan McGirt:

  • 1: Hero Wanted is a rollicking fantasy romp across the Eleven Kingdoms with reluctant hero Jason Cosmo and cynical wizard Mercury Boltblaster. Forced to flee his home in Lower Hicksnittle and pursued by bounty hunters, demons, and the sinister Dark Magic Society, Jason goes from the bright realm of The Gods to the depths of the Incredibly Dark Forest to learn the awful truth behind the price on his head.
  • 2: Noble Cause continues the adventures of Jason Cosmo. The new hero vows to end slavery in Caratha, greatest city of the Eleven Kingdoms. But powerful Carathans like things as they are and will stop at nothing to stop Jason. Meanwhile, a giant bear roams the city, eating anyone it can, while an ancient evil seeks to rise again. And those are only the start of Jason's problems. He must also confront homicidal monkeys, hostile priests, and a band revenge-minded brothers who blame Jason for a crime he didn't commit.
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Hero Wanted is available in paperback from Trove Books.

Also available is the Jason Cosmo mini-novel Rainy Daze.

Other Dan McGirt ebooks:

About Dan

Dan McGirt is the author of the Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series, including Hero Wanted and Noble Cause. He also wrote the the original Jason Cosmo Non-Trilogy: Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos and Dirty Work . He was named one of the 100+ Best Authors on Twitter.

Dan is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America; Novelists, Inc.; the American Automobile Association (for the free towing); and the National Geographic Society (for the magazine).