A collaboration with Lynn Ernest

{Photo copyrighted by, and provided courtesy of Steve The Photo Guy. See more photos by clicking on his name.}

“No Illusions, no delusions.” That was the mantra, the single rule that kept the “Crips” sane and functional in a world of “Norms.” But sometimes the dividing line blurred. Sometimes they had to push the line one way or another because to not do so would make them less than human. Working as “Mobile RAM" chips for the Drake-Sosen Institute made them perilously close to that already. So when reality splattered all over her dream world, Canthy had no choice but to jump into the dream to save what was real. Canthy had to do what any “norm” would do, risking everything in order to save what she loved most and in the saving of it, she knew that she would have to give it up forever.

A Work In Process

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