Who am I? I know, but you don't. That's why you're here. I'm an ordinary guy trying to make it through a disfunctional world full of people. Some of them are disfunctional, others not. But all of us have one thing in common... we are all presently stuck on this ball of rock and mud we call Earth.

If I use this page as a forum for my views, I'm sure I'd make some of you angry. I doubt, in fact, that there would be many who would agree with everything I said or believe, so I won't do that.

If I use this page like I did before... make light comments and bad jokes about my past in an attempt to tell you something about me in an amusing way, then I misrepresent myself as a clown. I'm not going to do that any more either.

So - here it is, my authorial bio.

I'm an honest, up front kind of guy who writes literary stories, horror, SF, fantasy, & non-fiction. I have published some, not published lots of others.

I'm a quirky guy who writes quirky things. Some people tell me that they like my work because it's different than the usual commercial pap, and they find new ideas and concepts in it. Almost everyone who reads my stuff says the stories are really good... everyone but editors with story purchasing budgets, that is. But I write because I have to. It would be nice if I could get paid for more of it, but there it is. We're back to that mud ball full of people again.

Although it's kind of cheating to use song lyrics to express things, sometimes the song lyrics say just exactly what you want to say, so why not. The song that best describes me is by Lara Fabian, Rick Allison, Evan Rogers, and Carl Sturken and is called "I Am Who I Am." and the chorus goes like this:

"I am who I am
What else could I be
And I stand where I stand
I choose to be me
When you look in my eyes
You get what you see
Understand if you can
that I am who I am, who I am."

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