From Chapter 2

"One by one, Rahab acknowledged the cables being passed to her. One by one, the hunter boats sheared off and flew a victory loop before pulling off to watch the fireworks. When she had all of the wires, she landed on the surface and stretched them tight before anchoring them.

She then opened her canopy to vacuum and stepped out onto the beast. She could feel the power beneath her through her space boots. It was heavy vibration; it was heat. It was one long unending orgasm. It was like nothing she’d felt anywhere else. It was all the religious experiences she’d ever had rolled into one. The harmonics of the beast touched her to the core of her being and settled it.

She stood for a minute, savoring the emotional rush, the humming of emotions called up by contact. Not for the first time she felt the pull, the attraction of the Deezart. It was a siren song that urged her to forget the wrapped wire; forget the ship; forget everything but the moment. She would ride the Deezart! Ride it wherever it went. Ride it forever! She would be immortal, untouchable by ordinary human cares, until she died."

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