Toronto Trek 16 - 2002

Security - Glen Lent & Diane Jones.

Toronto Trek was my first trip to Canada. Melodee and I drove up from our home in Missouri. It was a good convention. I strongly recommend it.

Toronto Skyline from Casa Loma. Casa Loma Farscape's 'Zhaan' - Virginia 
Hey! At the butterfly Conservatory - 'Yum! That fruit 
looks GOOD! Let's just shoo these bugs off... Don Bassie, Julie Czerneda, Derwin Mak, Isaac Szpindel & 
Alison Baird

Niagara Falls - That's a LOT of water!!!

T-Trek - It begins here. Julie E. Czerneda, Rob Sawyer, & Peter 
Campbell Con Table - Rob McMahon & Karen Armstrong Don Bassie, Julie E. Czerneda, Derwin Mak, Isaac 
Szpindel, & Alison Baird Julie Czerneda, Robert Sawyer, John Price, & Robert 
Marks Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Tee Moris, Robert 

TorCon3 table - Treasurer Larry Hancock & Head of 
Communications Michelle Boyce '' Mara & Michael E. 'Missouri 
Mike'Picray Tim Bowie, Julie E. Czerneda, & Don Bassie at Julie's 
Newsgroup Breakfast. Center is Miranda The Mob at Julie Czerneda's Newsgroup 
Party! Edo Van Belkom, Anthony Furey, Julie E. Czerneda, & 
Don Bassie.

Team Banzai! Eric Choi, Julie Czerneda, Peter Watts, 
& Isaac Szpindel. Also known as AstroBoy, Space/Time Girl, Darwin 
Boy, and their Fearless Leader, Buckaroo Banzai! Masquerade - 'Men In Tights' - Ruth McMath, & Julie 
Scott - Won the Audience Appreciation Award 'Chiana' - Miranda Feenstra won (Best Media 
Presentation) AND (Inovation in Construction) 'Northern Alliance Warlord' - Derwin Mak (Best Political 
Faux Pas) Barbarella Michele Berry (Judge's Choice in 'PVC & 
Vinyl Work', and Masquerade MC (tenth year) Gordon Rose'Size Matters Not'- Jasmine Rabb, Angela Street, Melissa 
Small, & Alan Brundage.

'The Jem Project'- Lisa Nassy, Heather, Phylis, Nikki, 
Amy, & Jenn. Ring Wraith Scott Maple & 'Krop Serkel' 'SG-1' Theresa Penalba, Joel Burdick, & Maggie 
Malinowska. Here we see two double-decker tour busses. In 
Canada, this is what is known as a Double-Double, and I believe they only hire 
drivers named Timmie.

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