WillyCon III
2001, A Space Oddity

(c) 2001 Frank Wu

My first Con and Julie E. Czerneda's first gig as Author Guest of Honour.
WillyCon is a nice little Con... just right for a first Con. I had a blast, Frank Wu (Artist GOH) borrowed everyone's Tater Tots, and I got to meet Julie Czerneda face to face for the first time. I also won first prize in the Adult Division of the Short Story Contest with my story, "A Matter of Gravity." They gave me a nice certificate and $50, my FIRST revenue from writing.

If some spring you have time on your hands and get a chance to go, I highly recommend this Con.


Before the Con, Julie scheduled a signing and reading at the CrossRoads Mall B&N in Omaha (72nd & Dodge).

Julie & Roger Czerneda Julie in her element!
HATS!!! The Reading

Wayne State College, Wayne Nebraska

Registration Desk In the ConSuite Roger Czerneda - Cowboy Star! Julie presenting me with my first place 
Certificate The life of a GOH is demanding!
Registration Picky & Me Roger & Me Julie & Me Party Time!!

I have more pictures and as soon as I find them, I'll put them up here.
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