Nathan Archer

"Nathan Archer" is another pen name of Lawrence Watt-Evans, and the author (as of May, 2011) of six tie-in novels, two short stories, a short graphic novel, and a parody self-help book.

Used to be I didn't admit to both names, so I maintained a separate website here from 1995 to 1999, but abandoned it in 1999 because (a) Nathan wasn't writing much, and (b) nobody was paying any attention to the page anyway.

When I self-published How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse, though, it seemed like a good time to update this.

The original was written in a sort of blog form, pretending that Nathan and Lawrence were separate people; I don't think any of that deserves to be preserved.

As for where Nathan came from, the name "Nathan Archer" has no significance beyond me liking the sound of it and wanting a name that would alphabetize between Piers Anthony and Isaac Asimov, and Nathan was created not because I was embarrassed by anything I wrote under that name, but because "Lawrence Watt-Evans" had become so established as a fantasy writer that I needed another name for anything book-length that wasn't fantasy, so as not to confuse bookstore personnel. It was never meant to be reserved for tie-ins; I always intended to write my own science fiction novels under the Archer name, but never found the time.

How to Prosper During the Coming Zombie Apocalypse got the Archer name entirely because "Lawrence Watt-Evans" looked too pompous on the cover.