Neile's Cool Things Links

Get yourself a Surrealist Compliment, or if you don't want a compliment, get a Shakespearean Insult instead. Or if you'd rather, you can search Shakespeare.

Get anagrams for your name! Enter it into the Internet Anagram Server, or find out what your biorhythm indicates for the future.

Want to travel? Go on a Gargoyle Quest, take a look at the earth or the moon, check out The Astronomy Picture of the Day, or admire the gorgeous photographs at Year of Wonders.

Tramp around the Stone Pages--Megalithic Sites in Europe, read a journal of an archeological dig of a Neolithic tomb, then read up about Celtic folklore at Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust, based on Arran Island in Scotland. Or look at streetmaps of the U.K. and London.

For your reading pleasure, may I suggest Geoff Ryman's fascinating web novel, 253, visit Strange Horizons, or some lovely photo essays on The San Juan Islands in Washington State or Japan by Nyneve. Not into that? Try Science Week or Archaeology magazine.

Or for something a little lighter, try the delightful Boyfriend of the Week site, the always amusing Sluggy Freelance, a new addiction of mine. Also interesting is Slow Wave where readers send in their weird dreams, and an artists draws them in four-panel comic strip format. Or you can always discover the joys of America's best Christian, Betty Bowers, so close to Jesus she had to ask him to move over a little.

Worried about the time? Check out the Foam Bath Fish Time, and if you're late, or better yet, just forget about time and browse at Archie McPhee's or go back in time and see the Rossetti Archives.

Only have a few minutes? Ok, go skywatching or look up cyclops in the Encyclopedia of Myth!

If you have more time you might want to start doing some genealogical research or something.

last updated April 28, 2006

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