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Happy Anniversary, Baby / Clarion West 2003 Begins...

This was one of those weeks when I simply didn't work on my journal. I'm so unused to that, that on Sunday I spent a couple of minutes looking for the file that wasn't there yet. I've been so busy with work and preparation for Clarion West that I never started it. So I'm going to mostly wimp out here. Talking about phone calls and lists and errands and conversations with Kinko's is not so entertaining. I could talk about Saturday when Leslie and I starting moving Clarion West into the sorority, about the students arriving and the stacks of blankets and pillows, about I met Nancy Kress, but there will be more of that next week.

Friday night was our 20th wedding anniversary. Yes, Jim and Neile have weathered 20 years together. I didn't think of it at when I put it on, but Friday I chose to wear a dress that is most like the dress I was married in. I realized it later that day when I was talking to Jim. Then Tamar came over to drop off a present: a recording of her backed by a couple of her friends doing a lovely version of Robin Holcomb's song, "Like I Care." We got a bee in our bonnets, and Jim went downstairs and pulled out the jacket he wore to our wedding and we thrust the digital camera into Tamar's hands.

Wedding photoHere we were, right after the wedding ceremony. We're standing beside the little church in Brentwood Bay, B.C. We were so young I can't believe anyone allowed us to get married! Look at us! Babes in the wood.


20th AnniversaryHere we're a little older, a little wiser, but still together. Tamar took this in our back yard. The scattering of rose petals was also unplanned.


Interestingly enough, our dinner after our wedding ceremony was sushi, and we had sushi for our anniversary dinner. This just occurred to me now, but I suspect it occurred to Jim when he suggested that was what we should have.



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I've been listening again to Kat Terran's Lion & Blue to try to wrap up my review of it. I'm not quite done, and I'm definitely not going to be done listening to it for a long time. I like it more each time I hear it.


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A true sign of how busy I've been: I haven't finished a single novel this week. Shocking!


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I got a grant application together. That was another busy thing I did this week. I even manage to get it all packaged up and mailed before the deadline. Yes, I'm proud of myself because there was more than one time I despaired. Especially when I realized that I had totally forgotten the deadline. Luckily that realization came before the deadline had passed.


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Retrospective: old journal


The old journal is on hiatus this week. Next week I promise more tales of my first reading tour back in 1990.


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