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January 11, 2004

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Tired and Energized

Strange to be back at work. I'm quite sleep-deprived after staying awake my own normal hours when I don't have to get up for work, meaning late, and getting up as early as I possibly can to be with Christina, who was still crashing and waking early. So for having two whole weeks off I didn't manage to catch up on my sleep at all. It's admissions time at work and also starting to be for Clarion West, and there's a whole brand new quarter starting so I have quite a lot to do, and lots of meetings with the dean about the Ph.D. program and with students about their classes. Leslie and I have started our series of phone conversations, talking and planning for this year's Clarion West workshop. So I feel both tired and energized at once.

Christina left on Wednesday to go back to Istanbul, then back home to Bulgaria. The house feels strange and so empty, and I'm a little sad, though now all the things I haven't done for the last three weeks are pressing on me. Like the journal here. It's nice to be back at my computer, even if I am busily upgrading it with System X stuff, starting this weekend. Software loading is slow. And occasionally annoying. And I keep having to run around online and download software updates for all my programs and for background bits and pieces. Things are gradually coming together, though. I'm extremely grateful for the external hard drive that Jim got me--it has made all this so much simpler. And for the network, while I do the software on my new laptop, too. I do love my new laptop, even if it does smell of electrical arm pit, need a new battery in a dire way, and have no speaker volume to speak of (or hear from).

We kept the holiday decorations up for a record time this year. Usually we take everything down on New Year's Day, but we (especially Sophia) were enjoying them so much that we kept them up and finally put everything away yesterday (Saturday). It's the first time that the decorations have been up past Twelfth Night that I remember! On Twelfth Night, Epiphany itself, I felt all medieval about it, but after that I just started to feel lame.

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Got the first the twilight babies disc this week, if you want me to i could write it down, and I'm really enjoying it, to the point of hitting repeat obsessively. It's trip hop but those sounds are mostly in the background, with acoustic work and vocals in the foreground. Some really moody pieces here, some jazzy. The vocalist has a slightly raspy cool voice that does haunting songs really well--she pulls you right into the mood of the song. It's interesting that I got their newest disc before Christmas and there are only a couple of songs that really catch my ears, but this whole first one does. It seems more melodically inventive. Certainly extremely catchy.

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Alice Hoffman's The Probable Future is the story of a family of women dating from early New England to the present time, each of which suddenly receives an occult gift when she reaches the age of 13: one can feel no pain, one can tell liars, one shares dreams, and the youngest can tell possible futures. This is the story of the current grandmother, mother, and teenaged daughter all of whom are estranged, and how first the daughter then the mother moves back with the grandmother. It's a charming novel, probably my favourite of the Alice Hoffman novels I've read. (See my September 23, 2001, and September 28, October 26, and November 16, 2003 entries for comments on some of her other novels.)

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Ditto last week. Just no time yet and no intervals while getting my computer set up.

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The Retrospective Journal is currently on hiatus while I catch up.

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