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March 21, 2004

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Signs of Spring

Well, the taxes are done, and this year we don't owe very much to either the U.S. or to Canada, which is more than nice. Last year we owed a lot, but we had lots of extra income that we didn't prepay taxes on. This year not so much at all. And it's such a weight off my mind, having them done and knowing how much we owe. Tomorrow Jim will check my math, and then I will copy them out properly. Maybe wait a little bit before sending them, but not too long.

Taxes are a sign of spring. We passed the equinox. The world is pushing everything into bloom. Our trees are slow, and there's a squirrel living in our chimney and eating my smoke tree (it was a smoke bush but now is definitely a smoke tree). We're going to have to get a chimney sweep and roust him out. We tried roasting him out--inadvertently, by lighting a fire in the fireplace, but it only ended up by smoking us out.

Aside from doing the taxes I have been a sloth all weekend and that makes me feel that I have very little to say. Things have been hectic at work but now it's the week between classes, so I should be able to do some catching up this coming week. Thing's shouldn't be too crazy yet with Clarion West stuff either.

I just ate the last piece of a blackberry pie Jim made last night and took over to Tamar's for dinner. She had made corned beef and cabbage as a late St. Patrick's Day celebration. We watched a horribly stupid movie. Tamar and I were in a kind of fascination with it, thinking it had to get better or do something more interesting at some point. Instead it was stupid and predictable all the way. What a waste. Jim was quite rude about it, but we were the ones who had forgotten a tape we were going to watch, so it was our fault, and that's what was on TV, and really, I was quite curious about the movie and how it would play. I was sure it had to be better than that. It wasn't.

Still gradually organizing my study, throwing things out, filing things. The horribly scare stacks of paper are diminishing some, though there are still several of them and they're pretty tall. It's just that it's better than it was and I need to feel proud of this. The paper recycling bin is full.

I've done a little of work on The Ectophiles' Guide. Fussed a little here and there. Tried not to panic that I've only got a month before leaving for Turkey. It's only a two-week trip, but sometimes these trips seem monumental.

My sister just had a operation and it went well, but it was a little rough along the way and now she has an infection in her incision. So think good thoughts for her, okay? My mom is there looking after her and her son and granddaughter and she has a cold, so good thoughts for her would be nice, too.

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We have a new Regina Spektor disc (Soviet Kitsch) that we're really enjoying. There's something so fresh about her music. It's definitely individual.

Also Jim is rediscovering Carina Round. She's terrific. Sort of a cross between PJ Harvey and Patti Smith.

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Wow. I guess I didn't finish reading any books this week. I did spend a couple of days on one that I finally decided wasn't worth finishing, something I rarely do.

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Still working on the same poem revision. Moving forward on the novel revisions. Stuck in molasses on them both

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Retrospective: old journal

Darn it, I need to catch up with my albums and scanning before I can move forward with this. Sorry. I hope to have more next week.

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