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June 13, 2004

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So Far, So Good

My head is slowly turning into Clarion West brain, signing out of everything else and focusing on what needs to be done for the workshop. I'm starting to dream about it. I'm also doing stupid things like reaching for something over our gas stove and burning my hair. I'd like to blame that on Clarion brain, but honestly I've done it several times. That's what comes of being not very mindful and having long hair and a gas stove. So far I haven't burned it all off or caught my clothes on fire. So far, so good.

This was an unremarkable, errand-running week. I am at a loss as to what to say about it.

I've been loving the changeable weather. Sun, wind, rain. And the days are light and long. Spent a few hours out in the garden, trimming the old blossoms off the roses and picking raspberries (they love the combination of our hot sunny May and the recent rains and are big and luscious) and black currants.

Christina phones to say they may be moving to Hong Kong. This year the possibilities have been: staying in Bulgaria, Finland, Saudi Arabia, England, Kosovo. My heads spins. I can't imagine what hers is doing.

Me, we've been living in this house ten years. I am the anti-Christina.

And alas, I had to tell her I couldn't travel this summer. We have no money because we need to start working on the house.

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Have been really obsessing with the wonderful quirky Inner's lovetheonlyway, but that's not the only disc that has been hogging stereo time. We're also really enjoying the new PJ Harvey, Uh Huh Her, which occupies a space less produced than her most recent albums but more so than her first two. It's terrific. Also really really enjoying Kuma's two eps. They're hard to define but highly listenable.

Also, had a delightful time hearing Petracovich live at Easy Street Records on Friday evening with Sherlyn and JoAnn, both from the ecto list.

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The long, complicated Thomas Flanagan historical novel The Year of the French was strongly recommended by my friend Barry. This is the story of the summer of 1798, when a small French troop helped spark a rebellion in Ireland. It was hard for me to read, as I hate reading something where I know the situation is hopeless--after all history tells us that they could not and did not win. But I kept on, drawn by the characters that Flanagan creates and the world he describes and the complexities of the overall political and individual human situations. Yes, it was a disaster. Yes, it's a fine novel.

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Saturday was, as usual, highly productive. The rest of the week, not so much. Those Saturday morning sessions are the saving of my soul. Who knew?

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Retrospective: old journal

Still on hiatus.

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