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June 20, 2004

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Another Clarion West Begins

Sorry I'm late, and this is going to be brief, as yet another year of Clarion West has just started, and I'm totally snowed. I mean totally. It's partly because I'm crazy and I'm participating in the Clarion West Shadow Workshop Write-a-thon as well as running the workshop. By the way, if you want to sponsor me, I'd be delighted. Just email me. My pledge is to revise one chapter of my novel a week for each of the six weeks of the workshop. Any donations you make are tax deductible (to the extend allowed by federal law, etc. etc. mumble mumble).

The workshop is off to a great start. Pat Murphy is a terrific first-week instructor, and I'm really looking forward to her reading.

The only sad thing is that my partner in workshop-running crime, Leslie, started out the workshop exhausted because she now works for the Science Fiction Museum which had all its opening events last week, so she has been run off her feet.

I got invited to part of that, one event where they had local writers to a lunch and a preview of the museum. It was fun: the museum is really book- and idea-oriented so looking at the exhibits was not only entertaining, but the juxtapositions made me think. And there are some purely fun exhibits, too, like a collection of robots including a Robbie the Robot replica and the robot from Lost in Space.

In other news, Jim and I both got our hair cut. It was just a 3-inch trim for me and not noticeable at all. Jim, however, had 12 inches of his ponytail cut off and donated to Locks of Love. It's part of a deal we made so that I wouldn't get my hair cut and donate it there. He also has to brush my hair for me at least once a week. Heh. I love having my hair brushed.

Well, hey, this didn't end up quite as brief as I thought.

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Not much listening time. Still listening to last week's pleasures.

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Elizabeth Kay's The Divide is a children's novel about a boy with a fatal heart disease who visits the Continental Divide in Costa Rica with his parents. He runs ahead to see the Divide and collapses there--and wakes up in another world, where mythical creatures and magic are real, and where he and science are the myths. The story is how he gets back, and how he and a young tanglehair (and their friends and relations) along the way defeat an evil capitalist trying to capture the market with substandard spells.

Jennifer Fallon's Medalon is a fantasy novel about a girl brought up in a society of women, "sisters," who with their troops of defenders, work to keep their country free of heathens who believe in gods (I'm not quite sure what the sisters believe in, except it's not gods. Caught up in her mother's machinations to be First Sister, R'shiel and her half-brother join a heathen rebellion and find out that she may not be who she thought she was. This was a fun, readable story.

Elizabeth E. Wein's young adult novel The Sunbird is the next in her series about the descendents of Arthur in Africa. This focuses on Telemakos, a young boy, child of the silent Medraut, Arthur's son. Telemakos has trained himself to be unobtrusive, and has taken to hiding places in the castle to see if he's noticed. His aunt, Arthur's daughter Goewin notices, and asks him if he wants to help the country by learning to overhear things. He does and proves himself apt at this, and eventually he volunteers to go to find out who is smuggling and breaking the plague quarantine that is keeping their country safe from the disease that is scouring Europe. A rich and gripping book.

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The only work I got done this week was Thursday evening when I met with Karen in lieu of our usual Saturday, as Saturday I spent setting up things at the sorority house for the Clarion West class. I have to do better than this as I start the Write-a-thon! (for more info, see above) Ack ack!

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Retrospective: old journal

Still on hiatus, probably until August.

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