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June 27, 2004

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First Week of Clarion West 2004

The first week went very well. The class settled in amazingly quickly. Pat Murphy is an experienced Clarion workshop instructor and knows how to get things moving without an iron hand: she makes it just happen. It helps that this seems to be a serious, positive group of students and they arrived ready to work. That combination made what can sometimes be an awkward shifting very smooth.

For me there has been a lot of busy work making sure things happened, helping with details, helping students find things they need, all of that. With that and still going to my day job on Monday and Friday, I was very busy until yesterday, when finally some space cleared itself. I'm so glad we rarely have Clarion West events on Saturdays!

Most of the rest of my thinking and doing has been writing.

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More of the same. We haven't gotten anything new in a few weeks and I haven't had time to did out other things or make a dent in my "to be listened to" pile.

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Lian Hearn's Brilliance of the Moon is the third book in her Tales of the Otori, and like the previous two I just inhaled it. (See my February 15th entry for comments on those.) There's not much I can say about this without spoilers for the previous two, but this is a satisfying (if slightly rushed) conclusion to the story, with a hint that the tales will go on. It's not a perfect series, but highly readable and enjoyable, and I do recommend it.

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My Dear Clarion West Shadow Workshop Write-a-thon sponsors:

The first week of the write-a-thon has ended, and I did manage to get all the way through Chapter 5. It's an awkward revision: I'm changing point of view in various sections, as well as changing from first to third person in most of it. In addition, I'm working on fine-tuning details about the setting and characters and working on the characters' diction, and of course the constant messing about with the phrasing. The chapter is 33 pages in typescript.

The week started off slowly because I was so involved with getting the Clarion West workshop itself started and for a while I despaired of being able to get all the way through chapter 5, but luckily things had calmed down by Friday and Saturday, and desperation gave me that extra adrenaline push.

Next week, chapter 6.

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Retrospective: old journal

A hiatus until August, at least.

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