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August 22, 2004

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Week With Mom

Mom has been here this week and I've been a perfect lazy bum. She likes to sleep while she's here, but so have I been. I wasn't feeling well for a couple of days so that was part of it, but now I'm feeling fine and still lazy. It doesn't help that I can see August trickling away from me and September (and back to work) breathing down my neck. Argh!

We have done a few things. Gone grocery shopping. Gone shopping for jeans for Mom. On Thursday morning the three of us and Devin drove to Discovery Park dressed in our worst clothes and carrying empty plastic ice cream buckets to wander in the thorny bushes and collect blackberries (and nettle stings). We got enough for four pies, I think. It was fun but quite hot. Blessedly, Devin's car has air conditioning and she drove, and Mom and I stood in the shade. They were all dressed in jeans and long sleeves and runner, while I drifted in my very old black sundress and flat shoes (my concession to the brambles instead of wearing sandals), and only collected two tiny scratches on the top of my feet. And of course, the nettle stings, but they were on my hands. Perhaps I was less intrepid at getting the berries deeper in. I still got a lot of berries!

We had our first pie Saturday night. Devin and Tamar (and Devin's sugar gliders) came over the share. Alvin the glider spent a great deal of time hanging out in the top of my dress. I got some berry juice on the dress when I tried to give her a little of the berries and ice cream on a spoon inside there. She liked them, though!

Today there is rain. Rain! Coming down with serious intent, the way it rarely does here. What a relief from the constant heat and sun. I like summer but I like it better broken up with a day or two of this, and lord knows the trees and grass and all needs this. Jim has been steadily watering, but you can't water all the leaves on all the trees.

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Went to hear Veda Hille last night as she opened up for Dresden Dolls at the Croc. She did kind of a low-key set, but with some really wonderful moments. Just too brief. A couple of new songs that sound really intriguing. Maybe a new disc in December.

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Melissa Wyatt's young adult novel, Raising the Griffin, is about a young man in England whose family is displaced royalty from an eastern European country. The country, finding its way in the post-Communist world, has decided to invite the royal family back in order to help it regain its national identity. Alex has no wish to become the Crown Prince, but it starts happening whether he wants it to or not. Though he love the country he had never seen before, he hates the way his life changes and fights it all the way. An intriguing coming-of-age story as Alex begins to grow up.

Alma Alexander's novel about an alternate Imperial China, The Secrets of Jen-Shien, is about eight women who make a special oath of friendship, one that their culture requires they honour to the furthest of their ability. Each of the women has their own path and yet their lives are entangled. One is a seamstress and poet, one a healer, one a kind of social worker, one a warrior, one a gypsy, one an alchemist, one a sage, one an empress. They are caught up in the politics of power on various levels, their duties to family and their duties to each other. A fascinating, rich tale with wonderful characters and an intriguing world. Impressive.

I've also been on a Jennifer Crusie binge of epic proportions, having bought used copies of all of her books and re-reading them. Lots of fun--perfect summer books. See last week for the list of entries I've commented on her books.

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Making progress with the new scenes in this section of the novel.

A story came back, though, and now it's really hard to figure out another appropriate market for it. Blegh.

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Still on hiatus.

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