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September 19, 2004

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Storming and Steaming

The weather has been swinging wildly between torrential rain and warm sun. Warm I say, but in the shade it's always cool now and it's not summer anymore no matter what the calendar says--even though the leaves are only showing the early signs of changing colour. Everyone's complaining about the rain, but I really love it, particularly when it's rainy one minute and sun breaks through the next.

It's been a busy and social week. Monday I ran errands after work, driving north for them, and getting caught in a downpour going in and out of the grocery store, the pet supply store, our vet's for more pills for Zach. By the time I stopped at an ATM for our bank to make a much-delayed deposit, it was raining so hard I couldn't see out the back window of the car and had to wait a bit to be able to see well enough to feel safe backing out of my parking space. Strangely enough, when I drove south and home the streets were dry--it hadn't rained here at all!

The fun thing was that at the pet supply store I bought mealworms for the sugar gliders. Devin came over for some take-out leftovers and brought them along, so Jim and I got in on the fun of feeding them the mealworms. Reuben and Rhonda stayed in their pouch, with Reuben lunging out to get the worms and taking them back inside (often a brief tussle would follow as Rhonda stole some). Rhonda eats the worms' guts, but not their skins, which reminds me of a story my mom tells about me as a child telling her I would "eat the beans but not their skins" as though beans were peas in a pod or something. At first Alvin wasn't interested in the mealworms--she just wanted to sleep--but gradually she sat out on the table, holding the worms in her hand and eating them as though they were bananas.

Alvin and the mealwormAlvin enjoying a mealworm. Sorry she doesn't show up well on our busy Turkish tapestry tablecloth. That's our sugar bowl behind her, which shows how small she is.


We really got caught out in it Friday night. Devin came over, and we drove out to the Seattle Public Library book sale preview (for members). There was a huge line up and a downpour, and Jim had left his umbrella at home. I usually don't care for umbrellas but I wouldn't have minded one so much then. My wallet, which was I wearing on its string around my neck, got so soaked that I had to take everything out of it today and have it open in the last of the sun, drying.

The book sale was overwhelming with the crowd and all the books. I felt like I couldn't really see anything because there was too much to see, but we did get some great poetry books in the "better books" section, and I picked up some novels in the SF and children's sections. Afterwards we took our soaked selves to Snappy Dragon for dinner, and I indulged in Salt and Pepper Squid. Yum.

Jim was painting the frames for our new storms windows yesterday, and the smell of primer filled the house so badly that I had to sleep upstairs after I woke in the middle of the night with a headache. We aired out the house for a second day today, and it seems much better.

We made more jam on Saturday, then went to Tamar's for dinner--a tasty shrimp pasta. Today we went for a brief walk in Carkeek Park, just the two of us. It was lovely out all day, and the walk was wonderful. Then back home to work!

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Listened to a great variety of things this week. Most especially, I picked out the disc I've burned of Aisth tracks and wrote an Ectophiles' Guide entry for them.

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It was probably a mistake to read Paul Brandon's The Wild Reel immediately after reading the wonderfully evocative and mysterious Mortal Love (see last week's reading). They both deal with similar themes: attraction and obsession between humans and faerie. Here it is Finvarra, a prince of the Irish faeries, who decides he must have an Irish painter, Natasha, as his next wife, because Natasha's painting is strongly magical and he wants to harness that. She goes to Brisbane to attend a friend's wedding, and the faeries follow her. This kind of book is exactly the kind of things I want to love, but here the faeries were so mundane I got annoyed with them, and the story has all kinds of side paths that never go anywhere. I kept hoping these side characters would add to the story but they never did. I ended up liking the book but thinking how much better it could have been if he had allowed the faeries to have some mystery, rather than just been blokes who live in a slightly alternate world.

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Continued revising the new poem, and took it into the poetry workshop group Monday night, where it was pretty well received and I got some good suggestions. Continued to work on it later in the week.

Still writing that same scene. It's going slowly, but well, I think. I didn't get much writing time this week (I still haven't got my sleep cycle working for me and when I sat down to write in the afternoons I kept falling asleep). It didn't help that I wasn't feeling well Saturday morning during my regular writing session with Karen. Between that and the business of the shop I only moved forward a few paragraphs. Important ones. I'm getting there. But I'm so ready to move on past here.

I did give Karen three chapters for critique, though.

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Retrospective: old journal

Soon, soon. I know I keep saying this.

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