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September 26, 2004

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Neile's Semi-cubical Parabola

On the web I came across "Neile's Semi-cubical Parabola: Cartesian equation: y3 = a x2". I don't have a clue what it means, but the semi-cubical parabola part of it sounds somehow quite familiar. I think I frequently experience it in my life. That must be what it comes from.

This week was orientation week at work. The same old story it seems after 15 years at this job. 15 years! Who knew I could sit still this long? Who ever anticipated it, seeing as how the longest I stayed in any job before this was one was 16 months. Well, actually I've got a couple more weeks until it's officially 15 years but I'm still in 15 years shock. It doesn't feel like 15 years.

So, orientation. Busy-busy and talk-too-much. Mental strain, trying to remember everything. Spinning in the head, trying to focus on the necessary immediate thing and sort out the inevitable problems (needing a room for a class at an impossible time) and the sweet mysteries of the Graduate School (how can I possibly tell if some paperwork has gone through if I have no way of even seeing this student is one of my students until after classes start?)

So all this is a semi-cubical parabola.

Several of my friends are suffering through central relationship (or lack thereof) issues. This is painful because no one can relieve someone else's pain from outside. So what the hell good am I? I listen, I call, I wish happiness.

Wishing is never enough.


What a great sound that word has.

Had a bunch of friends over on Saturday to meet Devin and her sugar gliders. It was nominally a stitch & bitch, but a couple of non-stitchers came to meet the gliders. There was lots of food, thanks to Jim making scones (I got stuck in traffic on my way home from my writing session in West Seattle) and Dixielynn. Having everyone over made me realize how wonderful it is just to have people here, just to hang out and talk. We need to do this more often.

Besides coming to the stitch & bitch, Devin brought the gliders over a couple of times this week. They seem to be getting more used to us, and Alvin spent about an hour sleeping in my bra ever-so-cutely with her tail over her nose and eyes. Painfully cute!

Alvin in my glassAlvin decides she wants to taste my grape juice.


reuben and the strawReuben bravely emerges from the sugar glider pouch to taste Devin's milkshake.


If you figure it out, feel free to explain my semi-cubical parabolic life to me.

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Nothing new, really: see the new entries in The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music: Weeping Tile, Ultralash, Kristi Martel, and we still tend to listen to the new Bjork once a day or more.

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Peter Dickinson's young adult novel Tears of the Salamander concerns a young Italian man brought up in a family with an affinity for fire. His father is a baker and he himself knowns how to take care of the bakery's fires and enjoys it. The other thing he enjoys is singing, and he joins the cathedral choir. When his family's bakery mysteriously burns down, his estranged uncle arrives to take him away. On that journey he learns to fear his uncle, and when they arrive at his uncle's home he discovers the whole town fears him and that his uncle is the Master of a the Mountain--a volcano--and that his uncle has plans for him. Parts of this story were fascinating and charming, though parts, even in this short a novel, felt repetitious and wheel-spinning. Overall I didn't love it as much as I loved Dickinson's last one. (See my comments about novels previous to that last one in my February 18 and June 17, 2001 entries.)

Now like so many other people right now I'm slowly reading (and enjoying) Susannah Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

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Working on a Canada Council grant. Sent out a poetry submission to a web magazine. Continuing the bothersome scene in my novel revisions. Got feedback on three recent chapters from Karen, which was mostly positive and encouraging but had two things that made me go "huh" that I have to mull over for a while.

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Retrospective: old journal

My printer/scanner never arrived! It was discontinued, and the silly store never told me. So finally I figured it out then had to order another one. So annoying. So now I'm waiting for the new. Today it's in Illinois.

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