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October 3, 2004

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Suddenly, University!

The first week of classes is the busiest week of my year at my day job at the University of Washington, and this week was no exception to that rule. Nothing horrible, just busy busy busy, and when I wasn't busy I didn't know what to do with myself because I got so used to someone coming in to distract me from every task.

Weirdly, the first day of classes was a Wednesday. There's no accounting for this. Unless you think they're trying to make up for the missing days over Thanksgiving, in which case why not start on Thursday? And why on earth on the second to last day of the month? Doesn't this just strike you as a little odd? I'm sure the someone in the top of one of the Gothic campus towers who derives up the calendar from the movement of the heavenly spheres has some arcane formula for the University of Washington start date which accounts for all this but in the meantime I'm perplexed.

So suddenly there are all these people around campus. Where did they all come from? It's like they were patiently waiting in some vast underground cavern and somebody opened the doors and they all piled out to start their academic careers. They are teeming all over campus, congregating in some spaces, but only temporarily. They fill up an area then empty out of it, flowing in and out of spaces that until recently were mostly empty. It's not entirely chaotic, there are some patterns, but they're complex and not superficially obvious.

Some places you find a bunch of them dressed rather formally, and that's odd. And other places they come all paint-spattered. I hear rumours that in some corners they play musical instruments or sing, and some places they perform miracles in laboratory. Mostly around here they just come into spaces all eager with notebooks and computer and pens-aready. Later, some of those will start living in the table spaces, drawing and re-drawing buildings and spaces, sketching and colouring the perfect tree. Some will start living in computer labs typing and thinking and emailing prospective lovers.

It's fascinating.

3 glidersThree sugar gliders caught in the act of being tempted out onto the table by a spoon of mango sorbet.


Sophia in the pillowsJust so you don't think I've forgotten my own beasts in favour of Devin's sugar gliders, here's Sophia nested in a pile of pillows. Cats are so wise in the ways of comfort. We could all learn from them.


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Listening to Madredeus as I type, preparatory to doing an Ectophiles' Guide entry for them. They're a Portuguese band that do lovely, simple songs and have a lead singer with an angelic voice. Also, in contrast, we got the nearly fancified and re-released London Calling by The Clash this week. A great, great album.

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About three-quarters the way through Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which yes, I am enjoying, though I'm not having much time to read.

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I got my annual wasted appeal to the Canada Council for grant funding completed and mailed. This is an accomplishment given I'm inclined to feel very much like I'm wasting my time.

Having finished the slow and difficult scene, now I'm going back through the novel flesh outa subplot a little, it not really being as strong as it must be for the book to work the way I want it to. Yes, this is one of the things from last week that Karen said that made me go "huh."

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Retrospective: old journal

The new printer with scanner and all is here! The bad news is that its set-up instructions refer to "the USB cord" which is not included in the box and which I have not yet purchased.

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