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October 17, 2004

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Frustration Exercise

My computer starting acting up on Monday, freezing and not re-booting, so I spent many, many hours this week trying to fix it, zapping stuff, testing stuff, erasing stuff, reloading stuff, swearing...basically in a rather constant state of frustration. For a while I thought my hard drive was failing, but I seem to have fixed the problem--I mean, so far so good. Touch wood.

All the hours! Add to trying to figure out what was wrong, a zillion reboot attempts, some things seeming to work, then failing...well, then you erase your drive and when things finally so seem truly to be working again the way they should, then you have to reinstall all the software (for some reason I seem to need to do a zillion things on this computer and thus need a zillion difference pieces of software) and then get all your preferences back the way you like them. Most things are okay now, but I'm still arranging and rearranging things.

The good thing is that I didn't lose anything. I had a current backup and was able to back up my most recent files in between freezes. I'm grateful for that at least. I just wish I'd been able to spend all those hours this week in more productive ways. I already felt way behind on things and this pretty much wasted the week.

I hit bottom Friday night, after spending the evening trying to load the Classic system onto my computer and rebooting several million times almost invariably into the system version I didn't want at the time (annoyingly, I needed to access Pagemaker, which doesn't exist in System X, for something for work). I thought it had ruined my System X installation but after a while suddenly everything worked and I did what I had to do, then went downstairs and the stupid thing in my closet that I keep my sweaters in kept collapsing. I finally screamed at it and felt a lot better, though Jim was a little freaked out. It has been ages since I've been that furious and laughing at the same time. Mostly at myself.

Add to that that I spent all Saturday in a Clarion West board meeting (which was really productive but still ate the day), and knowing that I'm going to be spending next weekend in Victoria and the weekend after that in Arizona for World Fantasy. Well, I want my time back!

All of this has put me in a horrible mood that I'm trying to get rid of. Now it's Sunday afternoon. I'm terrible company and mostly just want to be left alone. But I made myself a cup of tea and Jim is lying on the chesterfield with Zach stretched out on his chest. I'm on the loveseat with my laptop and Sophia just settled down beside me. She gets affronted if I touch her, but she's right here at least.

Maybe I'll calm down. I wish we didn't have to go out tonight, but we're taking Tamar to see Farscape at the Science Fiction Museum. And all three of us love Farscape.

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We got the new Katell Keineg, High July. It's got some great parts and some middling parts. I'm not so wild about the country-sounding stuff; she probably does it fine but I just don't like listening to it. A couple of the other tracks on it are pretty darn good.

Got a slew of other cds, too, that I'm just starting to listen to. Some cool stuff.

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Karen Joy Fowler's The Jane Austen Book Club is apparently her break-out novel; there certainly has been a lot of buzz about it. It's about a group (mostly women, one man) who meet once a month at one of their houses and discuss an Austen novel. Of course it's about the reader's lives and there interconnections, and clearly there are some similarities between which character reads Austen which way and which is his/her favourite novel and what's going on in their lives. I enjoyed reading it, but as with other novels by Fowler I felt I should have liked it more than I did. I don't know what it is but I bounce off her work in a weird way.

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Because we were both spending Saturday in a board meeting, Karen and I rearranged our writing session for Friday. I'm really glad, as with my computer problems it's the only work on my novel I got done this week, other than starting to print it out to proofread the first half and send to my other beta reader.

I did, however, write a new poem. Happily, my laptop is working just fine, so I wrote it on that. And then I revised it after I took it to my poetry workshop group. It's not the most ambitious poem I ever wrote, but they don't all need to be.

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Retrospective: old journal

I have the feeling it's going to be next year before I really get back to this, but I might surprise both you and myself.

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