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October 24, 2004

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I'm beginning to wonder whether I'll ever have another quiet, lazy week. Do they exist in this world? It's a question. The world doesn't seem to have much room for them.

Because I was going out of town, Thursday was particularly hectic, wrapping things up at work, then racing over to the Clarion West office to find a few too many things I had been neglecting there, and then over to West Seattle to meet with Karen for our writing session, so we reschedule from Saturday this week due to my travels. Got home late while Jim was putting up the last of the new storm windows. So now they're up for the season. Great to have all our windows protected now. A huge job but Jim did it.

Took the 8:00 Clipper up to Victoria Friday morning. My parents met me there and we went home and had a quiet afternoon chatting and walking their dogs. Mom made a butter chicken mix for dinner. And chocoate cake! Watched a DVD. Chatted some more.

Devin and Jim came up the next morning. We collected our friend John Barton, then went to have lunch at Sam's Deli, then wandered around downtown to Munro's Books and A&B Sound, and a knitting shop for Devin to check out. Stopped off for coffee, then walked back. Mom had been home, cooking a dinner of roast free-range chickens from my sister's farm. What amazing flavour! Shocking difference in taste--hard to believe. Sat around talking a long time afterwards.

Sunday we meant to have brunch out, but ended up having it at Mom and Dad's. We drove the beach drive around Seattle, starting from my parents' house and ending up at the University to stop by The Malahat Review office to pick up the multitude of self-addressed stamped envelopes for submissions the silly American writers had put American stamps on--it not occuring to them that Canada Post doesn't accept U.S. stamps. I was amazed at how many there were. Does it not occur to them that Canada has its own postal system? Anyway, we agreed to carry them back to the U.S. and put them in the mail here.

Caught the crowded 6:00 ferry home. Tamar picked us up and brought us home.

This has been a bad computer time--the reason this is later than I had anticipated is that our DSL modem started acting up Sunday night, just after our return home, and finally died on Monday. Tuesday I spent the afternoon testing it and assuring myself and our ISP and Qwest that it indeed was dead and arranging for a new one to arrive--unfortunately after I leave on Thursday for Arizona. This has been so annoying and, like my computer woes a couple of weeks ago, ate a lot of time.

And it feels really, really weird not to have net access. I mean, we could set up a machine to dial up, but such a pain. It's amazing how many times I think of doing something that I need to be online to do and can't right now. I've become utterly used to having instant access, after only a year of having DSL.

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Listened to Mecca Normal and wrote their Ectophiles' Guide entry. I forget how much I like their stripped-down indierock/punk until I play it again. Great stuff!

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Sarah Shun-Lien Bynaum's Madeleine is Sleeping is the story of a young woman's surreal dreams, following her adventures and those of her neighbours, a failed photographer, a woman who sprouts wings, and the circus flatulist, M. Pujol, whom she seems to love. This is an odd book in the vein of Rikki Ducornet, though I didn't feel the author had quite as much control, and in the end while I wanted to be enchanted, wasn't quite.

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Not the most productive writing week. Karen and I still managed to schedule a writing session on Thursday afternoon, which was productive, but aside from a little copyediting on early chapters, that's all the writing I did this week.

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Still on hiatus.

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