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November 21, 2004

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In Which Time Gets Away from Me Again

Sorry I missed a week and am late for the next. Christina was here visiting and I had the usual trouble spending much time on my computer when someone is living in the guest room/my study and when we're especially busy. And then our DSL connection went down again and we spent a lot of time on the phone trying to make it live again. We ended up having to buy a new airport. Sigh. And I'm still waiting for my new hard drive to show up (it's on its way) and hoping this one doesn't fail before it arrives.

Had a good visit with Christina. We did lots of shopping and movie watching, lots of talking and I watched her put together cards and travel albums and sew us a new hat for our teapot. She brought lots of amazing gifts from both Turkey and Victoria, where she'd stopped off on her way here.

She made a magnificent meal of lamb (though she doesn't eat meat herself) and peach/blackberry pie for us, Tamar, Devin, and Zac. Zac was late and we had just started eating and he walked in, saw us at the table, and said, "Hey, the whole family's here!" Which really was what it was like. What a fun evening. Great food, great friends, great conversation.

Christina made me feel guilty about all the crafty things I haven't been doing that I've planned to do before Xmas. We'll see if I manage any of them at all.

In lieu of more entertaining chatter, here's a little story in pictures for you all.

Sophia meets the tea hatIn which Sophia decides she likes the tea cozy Christina is sewing for us.


Sophia claims the tea hatIn which Sophia claims the tea cozy as her own.


Sophia's smug lookIn which Sophia shows her pleasure in victory.


And let that be a lesson to you.

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Listened hard to Edie's albums while writing her review page on The Ectophiles' Guide.

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I re-read Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer's Sorcery and Cecelia and then read the sequel, The Grand Tour. I had read Sorcery and Cecelia five years ago and really liked it but didn't remember it well. I enjoyed re-reading it. I didn't actually like The Grand Tour quite so much. It's the story of the cousins who are now married, and we are reading a deposition by one of the cousins and a journal of the other. This works much more awkwardly than the letters of the previous book, and somehow the story feels just enough less playful that it feels bogged down. It's too bad because the first one was such fun. This needed a slightly lighter touch.

Alison Baird's young adult novel, The Hidden World is the story of Maeve, whose parents are divorcing and send her to spend the summer in Newfoundland with her aunt and uncle. There she discovers another world, a land of myth where the people are fighting an evil invasion force. This is smoothly written and compelling, and make good, inventive uses of Celtic mythology. I enjoyed this.

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The Saturday Christina was here, Karen and I had our usual Saturday session and Christina joined us, which was a little distracting. That week that's all the writing I managed to do. I've done a little better this week despite it being busy. I did, however, miss a poetry workshop session since it was the night Christina left and I was just too damn tired to get myself out the door, especially given that I had to go out the next night for a work event.

Also had three poems (two of which are reprints) appear in Anthology One, the first publication by The Alsop Review Press, the print publication arm of the website that has long showcased my work. The poems were donated and I actually purchased my contributor's copy, but it's a fundraising publication and they've supported my work for so many years I was happy to donate the use of the poems. It's a lovely publication, too.

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Retrospective: old journal

Still on haitus.

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