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December 19, 2004

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Bake and Make

Jim and I, we are productive folk. We are baking ginger cookies (we bought eggs), chocolate chip cookies, welsh cakes, shortbread. We are bundling up leaves dried from our bay tree, putting ribbons around jars of our spiced apricot-raspberry jam, and I am sewing sachets stuffed from lavender dried from our garden. Me, sewing! I am very happy, as I have missed sewing very much the past few years. I like running the sewing machine, and handsewing makes me deeply content. Sachets are great, too, because they're so quick to make and smell so divine. I found some holiday fabric that's a deep blue cotton with glittery stars--and add some lovely white ribbon with silver lines that I got in Turkey, which goes with it beautifully.

We are cleaning our house: scrubbing the grills on the stove, the cupboards, the floors, vacuuming. Cards line up on the mantle, and we have finished sending out ours. I think. The box of Xmas decorations is upstairs (though unopened). We have put together a couple of bags of cookies, jam, bay leaves, sachets for friends.

Karen and Barry came over last night, as we watched the extended version of The Return of the King, which was wonderful. I can't help it, I just loved things so deeply imagined and textured as that--there's no other fantasy movie I know of that can compare. We had a great time watching it and like the additions in the extended version (as we have with all three movies).

My study is a mess and in no way ready for Mom and Dad (and dogs) to move in on Wednesday. I hope I can sore it out before then so it looks a little more decent. It will help when I'm done with the sewing, though one of the presents I promised a friend is a skirt, which I haven't started yet. Oops.

So we still have lots to do, but we've accomplished much of it in this last week.

And I'm still not panicked. Yay, me.

Have a very happy solstice on Tuesday. Remember after that the days get brighter and longer for a long time. And Merry Christmas and joyous Yule to those who celebrate that. Cheers!

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We've been listening to a lot of stuff while we try to make up a list of our favourite music from 2004. Surprising to us, it's a little thin. Björk's Medulla is of course queen.

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Rosemary Kirstein's The Lost Steersman wasn't quite as wonderful as the previous two volumes (see my comments from last week). This one just moved too slowly. There were new ad interesting characters and developments to the story, but I felt that the characters were being slow to realize things, and events were slow to build up. Annoying, as I liked the previous two so much.

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Alas, I was too busy making and baking to do much writing. Did cut 600 works from a story and submitted it to an anthology. Didn't work on the novel at all, alas.

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Retrospective: old journal

Hiatus, hiatus, hiatus.

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