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February 6, 2005

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My writing head is in other things this week, and I'm feeling a little tilting, lilting, listing. So in short, here's what's going on:
  • Dental crown prepped and temporary in poor mouth
  • Admissions for day job
  • Admissions for Clarion West
  • Saw Macbeth staged during the Civil War. It made my head hurt. Lady Macbeth with a Southern accent? Ay yi yi.
  • Writing session
  • Second tea and stitch and bitch and glider wrangling afternoon
  • Saw the Aviator with Jim and Zac and Tamar
  • Recycled/shredded old bills
  • Bills paid!
  • Going through CDs doing a kind of purge. Slow. Oh yeah I like this why don't I play it more versus why on earth did I buy that?
  • Sophia and I play with the CD drawer on my computer (and the peacock pfeather-- separately, though, not the drawer and the feather together)
  • Scanning, burning, typing, sorting -- wanted to scrapbook this stuff but that's not happening
  • King County grant application
  • chapbook contest
  • GAP grant application
  • file bills
  • pile of discs collecting for Ectophiles' Guide review
  • Finally got convertor that works for VCR tapes, started doing those
  • more hours in the day

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Doing some listening to Sandy Denny because I got hold of some of her old material presented in a way I hadn't heard. Her voice is mesmerizing. Also listening to her BBC disc, the one I've very glad I got ahold of before it was deleted (within days of its release because of some permissions problems). So amazing. I could listen to her forever.

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Raunchy and riotous, Mary Gentle's novel 1610 A Sundial in a Grave is quite the mysterious romp with politics, prophecy, disguises, and romance. Here a well-known French duellist and spy is entrapped by the queen into killing the king and then must flee France. Unwillingly, he acquires companions on his journey to England: a brash, young duellist who will not leave him alone and a shipwrecked Japanese swordsman from an embassy to England. Add to this that the duellist/spy's arrival in England has been prophecied by astrologer/mathmatician Doctor Robert Fludd who has plans for him and you wind up with this unusual, intriguing, enjoyable novel. Odd and fun. My only critique of this is (POSSIBLE SPOILER) how slow and stupid the two involved in the romance were about each other. Their blindness to each other's motivations just seemed to drag on a bit too long for me. Otherwise, recommended, and highly recommended for anyone looking for a little swash and buckle or a clear look at the historical period involved.

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Working on a poem. Slowly, inchingly. Because I'm not sure I'm aproaching it right.

The novel revisions going well. This is my first POV and tense going over for this section. Surprised myself by finding a section that I had forgotten I'd written and it was just right and that made me happy.

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Retrospective: old journal

Thursday, August 1, 1991

Portree, Skye

Up for breakfast. Met two women from Argentina (one now in London). Drove back into Oban (which was still hopping with tourists) to book a bed for Skye. Iona temporarily [permanently] cancelled. Got a lunch for the road, more film. Raining lightly. Got on the road about eleven o'clock. Drove gently, letting everyone pass. Saw a surveyer in a kilt. Drove and drove, stopping to look and stretch. Beautiful lochs, hills, lots of sheep, some in strange places. Stopped about 1:00 for a cup of tea overlooking Loch Lochy -- lovely place. Drove on through barren, beautiful mountains. Stopped for info. Stopped for a couple of pictures and to pee behind bushes. Took a picture of Eilean Donan Castle but too many folk there so drove on. Caught the ferry for Skye, short run [there's a bridge there now]. Drove to Port High (Portree). Drive through strange country -- reminded me of eastern Montana, the stacks and hills and emptiness, but Portree very pretty, harbour and hills. Stopped at a little folk museum (The Skye Musuem of Island Life).

Found B&B, settled, walked down hill -- lovely waterfall right by, then looked at shops in town. Got a couple of prizes (funny for Jim), wnet to great woolens shop, great heather jewelry, etc. Talked to shopkeep, had fun, ordered sweaters. Had fish & chips for dinner and home.




waterfallThe waterfall near our B&B.

PortreeA view of Portree.

Skye mistChristina chasing the mist.


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