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May 1, 2005

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Hooray Hooray

Hooray hooray
The First of May
Outdoor f**king
Begins today!
Or something like that.

That's a rhyme my mother taught me.

Having a pretty lazy weekend. A sitting around having coffee with Tamar and talking for hours kind of weekend. A dinner with Tamar and Zac and Jim at Snappy Dragon then a DVD kind of weekend. Sleeping late on a Sunday. That kind.

Last weekend, however, was not such a weekend.

Last weekend on the Friday night Tamar and I went to hear Tori Amos solo at Benaroya which I enjoyed a hell of a lot more than I ever thought I would given I have played her new CD exactly once. Really, it was a fine and passionate performance, as good as any of the shows of hers I've seen. Wish I'd remembered to bring the binocs, though, as we were miles back.

The day after Tori's concert, we (meaning Jim and our friend JoAnn and I) drove up to Vancouver to hear Veda Hille's cd launch concert for Return of the Kildeer, meeting our friend John there, and Art and John, and Damon and Keri and a few of their friends. And in contrast to the previous night, we sat only a few feet away from Veda.

It was a terrific concert. Veda loves playing with a band and has a ton of fun with them. She was her own opening act, and played songs from all over her oeuvre (nothing from her first folkier disc, but songs from all the rest). Then after a short break she came back and played the new disc in its entirety.

The songs are mostly fairly short, rather like tone poems. Veda is art-songy, but she has such a gift for melody that the songs are crisper and more catchy than than "artsong" implies. I need time to absorb the album (Veda's one of those artists whose work becomes richer and more interesting the more you here it) but I really like it so far. Many of the songs have implicit story lines. She also has a couple of songs about living in Vancouver.

After the show we drove home and felt the trip entirely worth it. John came back with us to stay a couple of days.

Sunday after lots of sleep we (Jim, John, Tamar and I and we met Zach there) drove down to Olympia to catch a solo show she did in an art gallery music space. Very casual, only about 40 people there, but damn what a show. Veda gives her all no matter how many people are there and her songs are just as rich without a band. Some a little closer.

I could go on and on with the superlatives. Both nights were wonderful and well worth the travel.

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See the above. Been obsessing on Return of the Kildeer. More superlatives.

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Pamela Aidan's Duty and Desire is the middle volume of her trilogy of novels about Pride and Prejudice through Darcy's point of view. In this novel she makes up a tale of what happens to Darcy after leaving Hertfordshire. This was not as delightful as the first. Here she makes up a tale of Darcy going out to a house party to look for a wife, and there he gets in a whacked out situation that seemed, well, so highly unlikely that it made Darcy seem a different person that he would allow himself to get in such a situation. And it also seems wrong for what happens in the original novel next. Ah well.

I was really looking forward to reading Edith Pattou's East as I love re-tellings of fairy tales. This was one had some real charms but alas felt too earthbound.

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Had a good writing week the first week, especially, even managing to do a little writing everyday. Revised two poems, took them to my poetry workshop.

Second week with John visiting didn't get much down outside my Saturday session with Karen. Had a poem accepted by Canadian Literature, though. And my poem on Strange Horizons should be up there on Tuesday.

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On hiatus till next week.

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