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December 11, 2005

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Itchy Mood

Damn, I'm in a restless mood. I don't know why. Had a good writing retreat yesterday. I'm behind on getting ready for the holiday, but when aren't I?

A funny, odd, week. Most just the usual stuff. A little busy. I wrote a lot, like a good busy girl. Some shopping, actually, quite a bit of that. Some cooking. Tidying up after the jam we cooked up last weekend.

Tamar, Zac, Jim, and I went out on Wednesday to belatedly (very) celebrate my birthday. We went to the OK Corral, picked up Otis' barbecue, and took it up to his new restaurant/bar to eat there. It was an odd but fun experience, because we were the only people in that part of the bar.

We're doing our belated yearly holiday card/poem thingy, so if you're not already on our mailing list and would like to me, just email me.

Heh. Well, I cured my restlessness by alphabetizing Devin's CD collection, which she hadn't had a chance to do yet. I just started it because I was too fidgety to sit there, and then we all got into it. Passed on my fidgetiness. Heh. She invited us over to dinner and we drive her nuts. Played with the sugar gliders, too.

Mostly, my head has been in the novel as I'm trying to get it wrapped up.

Chronicles of Sloth: Episode 7

  • Oh the shame! I let my mail inbox ballooned up and I've only hacked it back down to 247 down (up from 231 messages two weeks ago but down from from 380 when I started tracking this)
  • Still working on novel revisions (about 75% done), and synopsis (99% done)
  • Three poetry submissions to send out
  • Three medical appointments for me to arrange
  • I'm skipping all the rest for now, because it's time to think about Xmas
    • Cards: make, print envelopes, send international, send Canadian, send US outside state, send WA state
    • Presents to mail: Get box ready and mail it to my sister and her family; to Christina (waiting for stuff to arrive)
    • Stuff herb bags (waiting to receive them), make tags
    • Finish making jam
    • Baking: welsh cakes X 2, cashew short bread, poppy-seed cookies
    • Cleaning: wash bathroom walls, drains, polish silver (besides the usual vacuuming, dusting, room cleaning)
    • Presents: 6 more to buy and all to wrap
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This is a test. You can be my musical friend if like this song. If you don't, you are not my musical friend, and I wonder about you entirely. How can you resist that fiddle riff? And the tale of ghosts climbing the CN tower?

We're still listening to Worm is Green a lot.

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Orson Scott Card's Magic Street is an urban fantasy set in a middle- and upper-class black suburb of Los Angeles. Mack Street is a foundling who grows up belonging mostly to the entire neighourhood, though a woman takes him in and a teenager becomes his guardian. As he grows up, Mack discovers that he dreams people's deepest wishes, and the wishes come true, though in horrible ways. When he is a teenager himself, he discovers that it is because he has a mysterious tie with faerie, which he can reach in the space between two houses. And interesting tale and characters, but I was disappointed with the final resolution.

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My sestina, "Hunting the Lady Well" just appeared in Canadian Literature.

Was quite good about writing nearly every day, but I'm still not quite done with this revision. I really hope to be finished soon. Saturday was our day-long writing retreat and I got a lot done, but still not hitting that end point. Getting there, though it seems to be infinitely retreating.

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Retrospective: old journal

Tuesday, August 20, 1991

Changed the plans we'd made. Found a bank machine that worked for us, picked up Matt's Latin dictionary, made our way to the High Street by way of bag shop to buy another suitcase for me and a purse for Christina, socks for Alan, by a craft fair where we both bought wonderful silver balls with chimes in them (purportedly Mayan). Found the Fringe box office, got tickets for three shows, then down to Victoria Street for a tin box Christina decided she didn't really want, stopped t a couple of other stores, back up to the High Street. Found a restaurant near the theatre, had soup and salad. Then went to King Lear. It was wonderful. Acting very good, with minimal scenery, basic costumes. Very Impressive--and exactly Lear. Shakespeare the way I've been hoping to see it. The layers in the play apparent but not overplayed. Terrific.

Wandered a bit after. Christina tired. So she went home, while I drifted down Princes St. Went to Waterstones where I bought two books, then decided to go to the book festival. Got a ticket to see Marilyn Bowering. Looked in on one of the book exhibits, then went to the book tent--lovely tent with mirrors and wood and stained glass. Got a very nasty corned beef sandwich. Wrote a card to Jim while eating it and watching Marilyn Bowering and David Malouf come in. Missed the opportunity to speak to her, ah well. Heard the first reader, and really enjoyed hearing Marilyn read the prologue to To All Appearances a Lady, but later I started getting restless and thinking about Christina and worrying about having to wash my hair, so headed off in the intermissions having an invisible walk home.

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