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February 5, 2006

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Buried in Paper

This past week was the deadline for applications for the Ph.D. program I run and my office there is buried in paper that I'm frantically trying to sort and file carefully. To dig myself out from under.

It's the same way at home. I actually got out a huge box to throw everything scattered around my study into so that Barry could use my study to write in during our retreat this weekend. Now that box is perched beside me and I need to sort through it quickly. Get to the bottom of it all, sort it all. It's like the opening to the pit of hell and I can reach in and grab a little of its matter.

I don't know why I let things accumulate like this. I love it when things are tidy and look clean and organized, but I'm lazy and so create messes. At least that's my explanation for it. But the unexplored piles of paper wear on me. I hate not knowing what dangers lurk in them. I hate knowing there are things I ought to have done ages ago that lurk in them. I'm so grateful that I've learned to keep bills of of them and things like that, though I do still find receipts I could have claimed, etc. in them. So, yes, I do suffer for my messes, my packrat nature, and this habit of thinking I'm going to deal with things, spreading them out so I can, and then having to throw them into a box or some similar pile and not dealing with them at all. My study is full of little caches of them.

My week has been all about this. See?

Chronicles of Sloth: Episode 12

  • Email inbox up to 310 messages (from 296 last week, from 380 when I started tracking this, but still way up from my 231 low in late November)
  • New novel stands at 39,836 words
  • Four batches of poems to send out still
  • One more medical appointment for me to arrange (2 appointments attended, labwork done, 1 coming up this week, 1 additional one next week)
  • Need to catch up with some Clarion West application acknowledgments, otherwise okay
  • Ignored the 2 large stacks of CDs to ready for review
  • CD pileup ignored this week (keep/toss/add to ectoguide)
  • Tape collection diminished by 2 since last week
  • 2.5 friend's novels still waiting to be read & critiqued + one story half critiqued
  • Get framed picture of me & Jim & send to Jim's Dad
  • Need to get going on booklet design for the Feminist Caucus. I've been sitting on this for months. Ugh.
  • Need to sort through poems to decide on final ones for upcoming possible CD
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Loved Sunday night's Imogen Heap concert. She had a sore throat, but mostly was in good voice. She played with some prepared background noises, but did as much as she could do solo. She's a terrific pop song writer and performer. It was fun t hear her live again after so many year--the last time I heard her was just after the release of her first disc in 1998. Also enjoyed the opener, Zoe Keating, who played cello overlayered with loops she recorded live.

Thanks to the new no-smoking law, I didn't come home reeking of smoke, also. Yay.

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Maria V. Snyder's Poison Study is an intriguing adult fantasy about a murderess saved from hanging to become food taster for the Commander of her country, trained by his chief of security and kept leashed by the daily need for an antidote to a poison he feeds her. This is a different take on a fairly standard medieval-world epic. The romance felt like it was given a little short shrift given the publisher is a romance specialist.

I also re-read Pride and Prejudice. Damn, I love that book.

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An average week as far as writing goes. Didn't do enough of it, but did keep slowly moving forward. Saturday was our monthly writing retreat, and I wasn't feeling well, and so didn't do as much as I have hoped to, but did make progress.

Need to send some poems out soon, though.

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Retrospective: old journal

Saturday, August 24
Toronto → Seattle

Restless night, keep waking up and thinking I wouldn't sleep again, but I did. Got to plane, slow check in. Wrote thanks to Mrs. Hourston and Mrs. Russell. Then said how wonderful it had been and parted. Plane not too full. Empty seat beside me. Great.

Birds on trip:

Eder duck
Peregrine Falcon

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