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May 7, 2006

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Tough Week

This has been a hell of a week. Tuesday was Mom's knee replacement surgery and while everything went well with the surgery itself, Mom had a few rough days with low blood pressure and not reacting well to the drugs they gave her. At one point I was about ready to jump on a plane to give my sister a little support and relief, but Mom gradually started to do better and didn't want me to come, so I didn't. Though my poor sister is exhausted and boy do I owe her for this one. Anyway, Mom is doing better, and has been moved to a hospital close to my sister for the rest of her recovery, so it will be easier on everyone. I still wish I were there to help, though.

Add to that the Tongan earthquake on Wednesday morning with tsunami warnings (quickly retracted, but still) and of course we were worried about Devin's boyfriend who is there with the Peace Corps. It was first registered as an 8.0 but later recategorized as 7.8. She couldn't get through to him by phone, but eventually he was able to send out a short email saying that he was fine and that the worst that had happened was some broken bottles. Whew.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted and tired of worrying. And relieved.

Wednesday was Tamar's birthday, and despite all this we went out to dinner and to hear a Sigur Ross concert. At first the loudness reverberating in my chest and the lights flashing in my eyes (we were in the third row) drove me crazy. I couldn't tell if it was the bass in my chest or if I was having a panic attack (this was the day things with my Mom were at their worst and the same day as the earthquake). I seriously didn't think I was going to be able to stay through it, but it settled down and so did I and by the third song I started to really enjoy the concert and loved the rest of it. So.

Saturday we picked up barbecued ribs and chicken from the new OK Corral and a cake from Simply Desserts and celebrated Tamar's birthday a little more family style. That was fun.

Also this week I started to walk part-way to and from work, as my carpool partner got laid off due to government grant cutbacks, after about twelve years of us driving into work together three days a week. I don't want to pay for daily parking, so I started walking. This is certainly the season for it, as the weather has been great for it. It's good to get outside a little more, though when the weather's bad I suppose I'll take the bus sometimes.

Chronicles of Sloth: Episode 21

  • Despite some frantic effort, my email inbox it still crazy big at 431 messages (downish from 444 last week, up from 380 when I started tracking this, and way, way up from my 231 low in late November. Yikes)
  • New novel is currently on hold at 61,196 words
  • One more medical appointment to stop ignoring
  • Informational packets for the Clarion West class of 2006 have been mailed
  • For upcoming CD I still need to:
    • re-record one poem
    • have a photo taken
    • finalize the order
    • provide a final listing of the tracks & times
    • send it out
  • Succubus booklet for the Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets, proofed, adjusted, and sent out for approval/proofreading
  • Get framed picture of me & Jim & send to Jim's Dad
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The Sigur Ros at Benaroya Hall on Wednesday night was terrific. I was not, but they were. Amazing show. I kept thinking how it didn't make sense that the elements of their music adds up to something that sublime. But it does.

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For a change, I didn't finish reading anything at all this week, perhaps because I'm reading more than one book right now.

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I was a little distracted this week, but did do some revisions, mostly trimming Gypsy Davey.

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Retrospective: old journal

May 1992 Trip to Haida Gwaii (The Queen Charlotte Islands)

Wednesday, May 13, 1992

Queen Charlotte City
Note: I will add a couple of pictures in a day or two.

Got going later than we'd hoped--just took us a while to get rolling. My day to drive.

Saw several eagles, lots of deer, one peregrine falcon rising from the ditch. I think it dropped what it was carrying. But on the way back I saw an eagle swoop and get something from Skidegate Bay.

First stop was St. Mary Spring. Amazingly close to the road. Had a taste.

St Mary SpringSt. Mary Spring.


Then drove on past everything we saw yesterday, past Port Clements, onto logging roads. Stopped to see the Golden Spruce. Nice trail through the woods. A wee bit muddy in spots, though we didn't need our boots. We came out on the river, distracted by two ducks sailing by. We didn't look up to see the spruce and kept walking, though we clued in when the trail petered out. I looked back and saw the top of it. So we walked back and got the best view we could.

The Golden SpruceThe Golden Spruce, which has since been chainsawed down.


Then farther down the road to the Haida canoe. Left the car at a vee and walked up. A bit of corduroy road and trail, and then the canoe. Saw a test in a cedar on the way up. The canoe had been abandoned perhaps because it split and was left. Good adze marks on it. Silver-weathered. A few plants starting to grow in it.

The canoeThe abandoned start of a Haida canoe.


Drove down to Jiskatla, turned around, then headed back to Mayer Lake for lunch. Sat on a raft in a bed of lilies. Windy and a little chilly.

Weren't sure what to do, so turned around again and headed toward Masset to see Pure Lake. Rather like Mayer Lake--the clear dark colour of Tlell River. No lilies. Nice shore--marshy but a sandy bit. Lovely dead tree on the trail.

Then home. Bought stuff to heat up for dinner. Lazed, then walked on beach below B&B--found lots of clam shell fossils on the shale. Picked up a few to bring back and to send to Christina. Stayed out a while looking, then back for tea and read.

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