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June 4, 2006

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Mom's knee has been taking two steps forward and one back. She's been fighting infection, swelling, and a lot of pain, but it seems to slowly be getting better. Great relief. Her emails sounds more like her. I hope she's doing well enough to go home soon. It's nearly four months she's been in Alberta, and that's hard for everyone concerned. And she's been in pain with this knee for too long. It needs to be better now.

My email problems (the backlog of messages to answer) is worse than ever. I've been trying to whittle it down, but damn each message takes time, and by the time I've written it, two more have arrived. I begin to wish I didn't have email, except it's convenient and I hate the phone even more. (I actually have kind of a phobia about the phone. I blame it on spending my formative years as a switchboard operator.) It's just that I do let things get out of control and getting them back under control it's easy when you're a procrastinator like me. Things tend to just get worse and worse. But I'm trying.

Along that line, I'm going to close this now and go and answer at least one more email message.

But before that I just want to say how gorgeous the long nights are here. The colour of the sky just after the sun has set. Orange, shading to green to the most terrific greeny blue then the blue gets deeper, deeper and deeper.

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Mostly listening to the noisy birds in the trees. Spring and all, you know.

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Didn't finish anything this week!

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Was continuing work on the scene list, slowly. And revising. Got annoyed with the whole process and opened up the new novel, and damn, 1234 new words on it, and I'm unstuck. Nothing like annoyance with one project to push you forward on another.

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Retrospective: old journal

Sunday, May 17, 1992

→ Massett

Packed up and drove up to Massett. I started driving. We stopped to get allergy medicine for Jim.

Stopped to walk in the woods in the nature reserve. Dad took over driving. Went to Agate Beach--very windy & grey. Picked up rocks and rocks. Saw the blow hole. Then walked back and drove around the other side of Tow Hill. Walked in (about 15 minutes through forest at the edge of a river bay where could look up North Beach). Prowled around the other side of the blowhole and found a sheltered place on the beach for lunch. Went back ten stopped off at the beach along the preserve and went hunting for moon snail shells. We didn't find one, but Mom and Dad did.

Three arbitrary tree photographs from this trip but I don't know when:
Father and treeMy father stands before a large tree.


treesA typical forest view.


tree and rootsSaplings growing on a dying tree.


Drove down to Massett, let our B&B host know we were there, then went out to look at Jim Hart's carving shed at Old Massett. He wasn't there and our host had said it would be okay if we peered in through the windows, and so we did.

Walked over and looked at the totem poles in the village--one for each of raven and eagle clan with circles marking the potlatches, the two Claude Davidson poles and one Bill Reid pole.

Then meandered our way back, stopping to watch feeding brandts, eagles, ravens, and a margnsers that kept chewing its back so I couldn't see its crest with the binocs.

Then a feast at our host's, 7:30 - 11:00 pm:

  • pink lemonade
  • salsa, hummous, eggplant
  • corn chips, blue corn ships, cheese bread
  • gow (herring eggs and kelp)
  • pear and smoked salmon and capers on rye bread
  • smoked oolichans
  • crab and blue cammembert on toasted French bread
  • paté with red pepper jelly and lime rind on rye
  • black and red grapes and cantaloupe
  • sliced tomatoes with herbs
  • mushroom, marinated artichoke hearts, and lettuce salad with maple vinegrette dressing
  • whole wheat French bread
  • beef tenderloin medallions
  • fresh halibut with dillweed
  • pesto with mushrooms and pasta shells
  • acorn squash
  • rhubarb and black currant flan with cream whipped with maple syrup

The house is small and fun. Mom and Dad upstairs, us in the Isak Denison room (African carvings and tarted fish heads on the walls. Dark green pain, white ceiling.) Sleep.

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