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June 18, 2006

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Clarion West 2006 Begins

So alas, instead of going to a friend's wild Solstice Party I was at the Science Fiction Museum at the Locus magazine awards (Locus is the main SF "professional" magazine. I had been asked to accept an award for Kelly Link and her husband Gavin Grant (and their Small Beer Press) because they couldn't be there. Much to my surprise, I had to go up three times. They got one award together for editing an anthology and Kelly got two, one for her novella and one for her collection, both named Magic for Beginners. It's a great read, so read it. She's funny and smart and I adore almost all her stuff. She totally deserves the many awards she has received, and she's a sweetheart.

It was fun to go and accept awards, even if they weren't mine. I just wish Kelly had told me what to say. Gavin did.

So I just said "Kelly says thanks". Hee.

The Clarion West workshop began this weekend. The students started arriving Friday afternoon, earlier than in previous years, so they could attend the Locus Awards and Science Fiction Museum events. It's always exciting to meet the new students and get everything set up, but it was a little more hectic than usual due to this. Still we're ready to start a new workshop.

Paul Park is their first instructor. He's a wonderful writer and a simply amazing teacher, especially for the first week of Clarion West. He started them off by reading an incredible Italo Calvino story (the same one he read when he taught for us in 2002) and gave them an assignment to work on a piece of story setting. They're off and running.

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Joined lala.com, so there will be lots more listening in my future. It's a music trading place, where people can only trade actual, legit copies of discs for a nominal fee ($1 + postage). If you would like an invitation to join, let me know. We've been loving it! I feel like an ad, but it's true.

Regina Spektor's new album Begin To Hope is demanding many repeats plays in our house. She's such a terrific and fun songwriter. This is an album full of delights.

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For many months I was occasionally reading a Gutentext verson of Charles Dickins' Bleak House on my ancient Handspring Visor. Then my Visor crashed, and when I reinstalled the software my e-text reading software was on an old system, and I never managed to get around to reinstalling it, so I stalled out on the novel. Karen and Barry recently loaned me their copy and I devoured it. It's a great story, full of many, memorable characters, a plot with a dozen threads, and enough tragedy for four or five novels. I loved it.

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I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on my writing this week. Got a little done, but I'm embarrassed how little. However, Jim did talk me into re-recording that last poem for the CD before Clarion West stated, and Devin took some photographs of me that I really like, so I just need to decide on the order of the poems, type it all up, burn the CDs and send it out. Yay! I mean to do this very soon!

I did get a little work done on Saturday, but was distracted by some Clarion West business calls and didn't get as much as I would have liked.

I also should say that while I'm not doing the Clarion West Write-a-thon this year, as neither of my novels are in a good stage for weekly goals and I thought I would give myself and my sponsors a break this year, I do highly encourage you to go to the Clarion West write-a-thon site and sponsor another writer, like my classmate, Justina Robson, or Eileen Gunn who has a Macchu Piccu trip handicap, or Michael Swanwick who is not of a competitive nature, or one of the students I've worked with, who are also participating.

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Retrospective: old journal

Sorry to say that I didn't get to this this week. Apologies. This may be on hiatus for a few weeks.

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