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October 29, 2006

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A Weak End Rather Than a Weekend

This is what I thought I would do on my weekend:

Friday afternoon:

  • Jim makes Neile a mocha
  • Neile eats some lunch of some kind
  • The great paperwork dig AKA Neile shovels out her office looking for shit
  • Hopefully, Neile locates the shit she's looking for and recycles the rest
  • Take out yum yum probably Thai
  • Torchwood
  • Sleepsleepsleep

  • Neile drags her butt out of bed to the living room where she sits bedecked with felines and moans about the state of the world and having to get up, dammit
  • Jim makes her a mocha and Scottish oatmeal
  • She does dishes
  • Fiend comes over and we have a two-hour writing session
  • Lunch of some kind
  • Fiend works with Jim in garden
  • Neile goes present shopping
  • Perhaps great paperwork dig part II
  • Evening
  • Battlestar Galactica

  • Sleep sleep
  • mocha and Scottish oatmeal redux, dishes redux
  • lazy morning
  • Two hour writing session via phone in afternoon
  • Perhaps great paperwork dig part II or part III even
  • Lamb roast and Tamar and Devin over to help eat it
  • Belated birthday cake!
  • Much moaning about the morrow being MONDAY
Instead, no paperwork dig, no take out, no shopping, there was writing but no oatmeal or coffee today because Jim was sick and I not much better. No lamb roast. No birthday cake. Maybe tomorrow.

There was TV watching, and much sleep. In fact, both of us slept most of today.

This is going to be a crazy busy week, and on Thursday I'm off to Austin for the World Fantasy Convention. Right now I'm in my "I'd rather stay home" mode. Hope I get out of it before getting on the plane.

Autumn is at a height of beauty. This morning our house was dark and seemed gray, like it was filmed in black and white and right outside the window was the smoke tree in a glory of orange. Outside was alive. Gorgeous sunsets, too.

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I've really been enjoying the iPod Jim bought me for my birthday. I like walking and hearing songs I like. I'm even getting used to the earbuds, when earphones always used to give me headaches. Mostly I keep it on random so just a surprising series of songs I like.

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Liz Jensen's mainstream fantasy novel, My Dirty Little Book of Stolen Time is the rather picaresque story of a prostitute in turn of the 20th century Copenhagen, who finds a widow getting ready to remarry who lives in a strange and purportedly haunted house. Trusting that she will be able to find little things to take home with her to sell and perhaps other ways of supplementing her income, she drags her (possible) mother for them both to take jobs as cleaners i nthe house. When her curiosity leads her to the basement of the house, she discovers a time machine, and is hurled into the 20th century. This is a novel that stands or falls on the strangth fo the narrator's voice, and here it is a charming and manipulative one. Almost a good novel, but finally felt a little thin.

I received and read Diana Wynne Jones' new Chrestomanci novel, The Pinhoe Egg in one day. It's the story of a group of clans hiding their magic from Chrestomanci, trying to maintain a low profile. Then when suddenly the leader of their group starts acting senile, everything begins to fall apart and her granddaughter is the only one who can guess what's what's happening. One of Jones' most delightful novels. I had so much fun reading it!

Linda Medley's graphic fantasy novel Castle Waiting starts off as a fairly straightforwrd retelling of Sleeping Beauty, but then digresses into the tale of the odd people who come to inhabit the castle grounds after Beauty has gone off with her prince. A strange group of refugees and misfits, including a rich, runaway pregnant woman, a bearded nun, and so forth. Enjable with many fun references to fairy tales.

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Sent off three batches of poems, and one poem to an invitiational League of Canadian Poets anthology chapbook (so the chance of getting in is pretty high).

Finished, finally, trimming part one of the novel and moved on to part two.

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Still on hiatus.

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