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April 1, 2007

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Oh, The Old Fool

Today's the deadline for Clarion West applications to be received, so my email traffic is hot & heavy. I've been trying to keep up, so my office smells of toner and my fingers are dry from handling paper and sore from paper clips and envelope latches. And to be honest, I'm sick of logging manuscripts in and sorting them and all. I'm glad this is the end of this part of the process at least.

I've been busy and having some sleep issues. Like, Monday night I slept a whole hour after Jim's alarm went off. I got to work and after a couple of hours realized I had my dress on backwards (yes, this is the old fool part). However, when I turned the dress around it didn't look noticeably different. Still, I laughed though.

Had friends over yesterday for stitch and bitch (tea and talk and tease kittens). It was a lot of fun--got to see people I normally only communicate with online. It was fun to see them in person! We had a good time, and I even re-learned to knit, thanks to one of them. Except what I started I tore out today, restarted and re-tore. I hope to start again tomorrow, and, I hope, third time lucky. I don't want it to be perfect (hey, I'm making a dish cloth, perfect isn't necessary), I just don't want my errors to taunt me (like a label in the front of a dress).

Kittens got their third round of shots yesterday. We've had them two months already. So hard to believe. And yet, they've been part of the family forever.


kittensKittens in the bed a friend gave them yesterday. Look how they're growing!


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Got an advance copy of Feist's upcoming album. Damn, it's good. I liked her first indie disc okay and really enjoyed her first wide release. I even liked the remixed album, but this is terrific.

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Kate Atkinson's novel, One Good Turn, like her other novels is full of fascinating characters in awkward situations. This begins when a car slows to avoid hitting a pedestrian during the Edinburgh Festival, and is rearended by a man who takes a baseball bat to the original driver. One of the witnesses throws a lapto at the assaulter to stop him, and a retired policeman/private eye get involved at the scene. Other witnesses are part of the story, too. Each has his or her own story and the interweaving makes for a fascinating read.

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Productive time during our writing sessions.

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Retrospective: old journal

Tuesday, August 4
near Capel Gwynfe

Today we threw everything in Owen--after I'd torn everything in my suitcase aparat looking for my traveller's cheques--and headed off west. We thought we were heading to Gower, but in the minig city of Merthyr Tidfyl discovered that it's Factory Fortnight and the area would be crawling. After some scrambling around to find our way out of there, we headed instead toward the Dinefwr Valley, but on the way found ourselves (mysteriously) over by Neath so we thought we'd go and look at their abbey. It was a place of layered use--first the abbey, then a Tudor mansion, then an "industrial" use, I think only bedding down workers, though they did put in fireplaces. Medieval tiles bveing set up in a display. Fun scramble around.

Then tangled our way to Carreg Cennen Castle--up and around. Had to drive over a bare green moutain full of sheep to find the village of Trap. Found the castle first high up on a limestone promontory. Got a beautiful view of it.

Then went and climbed up to it--views over the hills on all sides. Not much left there but walls, and a long save that we borrowed a torch for and slid down. Lots of fun. A brief sit down looking over the cliff, then went to the farmhouse for a pasty and tea.

On from there to Talley Abbey, asking a kind gentleman in Llandeilo the way. The Abbey was tall, an attractive view, though not much to walk around. Fascinating staircase way high in the walls, swallows everywhere.


Talley AbbeyTalley Abbey.


From there a drive and a hike ("follow the badger feet, only about twenty minutes walk"--40 minutes later--a lovely walk through forest and sheep fields to Dinefwr. Not allowed in, scaffolds everywhere, but ivy and beautiful. Christina climbed up the scaffold to see if she could see anything--only tin roofing.


Dinefwr CastleDinefwr Castle.


Wandered through nettles back again then a wrong way and right way to our new B&B--stormy night, ducks & geese, lovely old farmhouse.

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