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May 13, 2007

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Up to Speed?

As I back up to speed? Maybe.

Am I sick of being so introspective? YES!

Trying very hard to get things done. One thing I really do need to so is to straighten out my study and find places for everything, since Titus doesn't seem able to figure out not to walk on things without knocking them all to the floor. I'm getting very tired of picking things up over and over and trying to find better arrangements for them that he can't disturb. It doesn't help that half the time he's trying to find a safe way to evade Sophie, who picks on him. Well, he whines at her, so of course she does. I wish she wouldn't, though. And I wish he could ignore her more often. Half the time she gets interested in going after him because he's started fussing.

Mom pointed out that it probably was a good thing that I don't have children. I agree. Cats are really more than enough trouble. Though I am still delighted with the kittens. And Sophia, of course, though I wish she weren't such an easily alarmed and unsettled cat. Or that she liked attention just a little more, or would be willing to admit that she does.

Saturday morning, though, Atia woke us up at 4:45 and wanted breakfast. I got up and gave it to them then went to sleep on the loveseat as I do. First Sophia curled up on my feet, which made me very happy because she doesn't do it so often. Titus wanted to jump onto my lap, saw Sophia there and nearly chickened out, but decided to be brave and she decided not to notice, so then I had the two of them. Then Atia jumped up to sleep in my arms. So lovely to have all three of them! I dozed and woke up and saw them all there and smiled. I kept hoping Jim would wake up before one of them left so he could take a picture, but he didn't. I forget who left first.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Sorry I didn't call. (Don't be so critical--I did send a card and I called her on Thursday, which was her birthday, and I will call again soon. I just kept thinking of it at bad times. Okay, I'm a horrible daughter.)

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New Bjork! Yay! Note as awe-inspiring as her last couple of albums, but lots of fun. We're enjoying it.

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Alexander McCall Smith's Dream Angus is another in that Myths series from Canongate. This is a slim volume of interconnected tales set in both mythic and contemporary times about the powers of the Celtic god of dreams and love, Angus. Charming.

Jacquelyn Mitchard's young adult novel Now You See Her is about Hope, a teenager whose mother has pushed her to become an actress, alienating her from the rest of her life, friends and family. When she starts to attend an arts prep school, she seems to suddenly have it all, though she is surrounded by jealousy. Then she fakes her own abduction and her house of cards falls apart. A fascinating tale.

Elizabeth Aston's The Second Mrs. Darcy is the story of the disdained stepdaughter of a noble family who marries a distance relation of the Darcys and then is widowed. at first it appears she is destined to be domineered by her family, but then she is left a fortune by a relative on the other side of the family that she never knew she possessed. Interesting look at the difference wealth makes in a woman's prospects then.

Matthew Skelton's Endymion Spring is a children's fantasy set in Oxford. Blake is the son of an American scholar, waiting for his mother to finish some work in one of the Oxford libraries, when a strange, blank book chooses him, and words appear on its strange white pages. Back in Germany, in 1452, an apprentice to Gutenberg is discovering that Gutenberg's sinister financier carries a very strange chest. An intriguing idea.

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Novel work continues. Damn, it goes on forever, doesn't it?

Did get the new poem in at least decent enough shape to take it to my poetry workshop group, who gave me lots of help with it.

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Retrospective: old journal

Wednesday, August 5th

Got up and going by 9:00. Rainy, windy all night and this morning. Got to Brecon by about 10:00. Did some laundry there and found cute skirts. Bought 'em and put 'em on, and headed to Hay. First went to the children's bookstore, then to the Seven Stars, then went to the puzzle store next door (I bought 2) then to the sweater store (one on sale) then looked in at a couple of bookstores.

Went to the fish & chip shop to pick up dinner then ate it in our room. I had a little snooze, and then we went to Arthur's Stone. Stopped and asked a farmer directions. The road up to it was lovely, and we saw a fox in the middle of the road. Shortly after that we saw a hawk or a falcon (some large speckled brown bird of prey). Arthur's Stone is a burial tomb from 2000-3000 B.C. Of course, little is know about it. There's a huge stone there split in half. One half has also split into two layers. Was wondering the stone's story when I leaned up against it and got a really strong feeling--like a pain in the stomach--about the direction the stone had been brought from. Very odd.


Arthur's StoneArthur's Stone.


The sun came out, so we took more pictures. Christina picked blackberries while I paced. At first there I was cold, but Christina pointed out that the stone was warmer than the air. Talked to the sheep a bit.

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