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May 20, 2007

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Atia Says "Me", Titus Chirps

Suddenly the kittens are huge. Ginormous. Cat-sized. Still smaller than Sophia, but wow. It's like every day they're different, bigger, stronger personalities. Atia and Jim have suddenly discovered each other. She has always loved how he can turn the end of the dangly cat toys on the carpet in a circle for her to chase until she gets dizzy, and she has started to ask for it (from Devin, too). She's awake so much more than either Titus or Sophia so she needs a little more attention because she gets bored, though she is pretty self-amusing. I love how she decides she wants to be held and so jumps into my arms. How she carries the two toys on ons sticks around by the toy, the sticks dragging behind her up and down stairs and all. Titus frequently follows the stick.

She's grown fairly proportionally--he stretches then fills out. Some days he looks like he's walking on stilts. He walks and runs on his tiptoes anyway, almost like he's running on air. You can almost always pick him up and he'll settle down to be petted and held, unlike the other two who choose their times. He has the loudest purr.

Atia loves to sleep in my arms. Titus likes my lap. Sophia likes to sleep by my feet, so occasionally recently I've had various combinations of cats, and on a couple of brief, wonderful occasions, all three.

Titus still growls at Sophia and she chases him, then frequently full-out cat wars ensue. I'd be very happy if that stopped. Atia gets freaked out but doesn't participate. Mostly she and Sophia get along just fine, but sometimes they get into it, too. They just aren't noisy about it like Titus is.

I've been typing this one-handed, because Atia is asleep on my right arm. She's twitching in her dream. Probably chasing the stick in dizzy circles again. Oh, and when she just starting to fall asleep you can hear her breathe heavily for a couple of minutes. Sometimews hearing that is the only way I'll know she's in the room with me.

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Went to hear Kristin Hersh Wednesday night--she had a lovely violin and cello duo, The McCarricks backing her and they played an opening set, which we really enjoyed--so much so that Jim bought their ep. Lovely, lovely stuff, and hearing Kristin with them and bass and drums was great. As we were walking to the car I commented to Jim how amazing it is that people aren't always raving about what an amazing songwriter she is.

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Elizabeth Knox's young adult novel Dreamquake is the sequel and conclusion to Dreamhunter, and like it is strangely compelling and focused and yet somehow vague. Somehow I seem to have managed to forget to talk about Dreamhunter here, though I read it about a year ago and liked it enough to buy it and eagerly await this one. This takes place in Victorian analogue world, a southern island where something has come ajar in the land, and there now is a boundary in which certain people can go and when they sleep there they collect dreams which they can then dream again and project to others. Being a dreamhunter is now a sought-after talent and there are dreamhouses where people go to sleep and be entertained by dreams. There are attempts to use dreams to heal. The two main characters of the novels are cousins, Rose and Laura, from a powerful dreamhunting family, who discover in the first novel that the world isn't quite what they thought and in the second that their society isn't either.

Posie Graeme-Evans' historical novel The Innocent is set in 15th century England. A young woman whose origins are shrouded in mystery (her pregnant mother has run from men sent to kill her) is sent to be a servant in a London's merchant's household, but her beauty and healing skills complicate her life from the start and she finds herself sent to court where her life becomes even more entangled. An enjoyable read, full of interesting historical detail, despite some things being a little overblown.

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Hooray! Two poems accepted by Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. I feel like I've arrived somehow. Two!

Also, reached the cut the novel by 10% goal during my timed writing session with Karen this afternoon. Done! Except I'm not through the third section yet, so I'll keep going. Shorter is better.

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Sorry, ran out of week while I wasn't looking.

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