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March 29, 2009

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March Disappeared

Fastest. Month. Ever.

I'm so far behind, I'm behind on being behind. I did, finally, recover from the Horrible Cold. Hooray!

But the combination of admissions to do for my day job and for Clarion West means much much much to do.

Not to mention...oh, you don't want the list.

I've mostly been doing what I absolutely must do to keep things working and letting everything else coast. Like this journal.

Nephew Mark visited, and Jim and I did finally go up and see my parents in Victoria, though. That was wonderful, and having a break was also a fine thing. And we finally gave my parents their Christmas presents. Yay, they liked the huge arty tea pot I gave them! My dad was pleased with getting Jim's hand-me-down laptop!

They had already bought us a set of new towels, which we used before Christmas, leading to my mother telling all her friends that she had given us used towels for Christmas. She said that was going to be our Xmas gift, but she did have lots of little fun stocking stuffers, and an additional special something for me.

Years ago, she gave some old family gold jewelry to a Northwest First Peoples artist she knew, and in exchange for it, he made her a gorgeous ring with a hummingbird design. Her hands have changed as she's gotten older and it doesn't really fit her anymore, so she gave it to me.

I love its history: that it's old family gold, that someone she knew made it for her and chose a hummingbird for the design, and that he has some of the gold and that Mom wore it for years and then gave it to me.

Whenever I look at it, it makes me happy. I worry a little about losing it, because it's a pinky ring for me and a little loose, but I'm being careful. Very careful.

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Not so much listening! I've heard the Decemberists new album once, and think we'll be buying it, though.

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I haven't finished a lot of my reading notes from this time and I have thus forgotten a few of the books I read, but here's a start.

Janni Lee Simner's young adult fantasy Bones of Faerie is one of the most gripping of these recent novels I've read. Liza lives in a poast-apocalyptic world after a horrible war between the real world and the fae, where any magic must be stomped out--her father even leaves her new-born sister out in the woods to die because she has the tell-tale clear hair that denotes a magical being. Her mother runs away, and Liza knows she must be dead because no one can survive a night out in the magical woods full of plants and trees trying to trap and kill humans.

Shreve Stockton's nonfiction account of her move to Wyoming and her unplanned adoption of an orphaned coyote is as delightful as her photographs of him on The Daily Coyote. This contains the ups and downs of her experience and more lovely photographs.

Sarah Dessen's young adult novel, This Lullaby is about what happens when Remy, a girl who is used to being in charge in her relationships meets a guy who won't play by her rules. He spins her around and makes her re-evaluate things. Sarah Dessen's novels are consistently good.

Jules Watson's fantasy novel, The Swan Maiden, is a rich, detailed, retelling of the Irish story of Deirdre of the Sorrows. I really enjoyed this, and felt that it gave me a strong glimpse into pre-Christian Ireland. The depiction of the characters couldn't help but suffer a little from being stuck in the pattern of their tale, but they did rise above that.

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Struggling to keep going at the moment

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Retrospective: old journal

Caught up in contemporary currents. More soon.

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